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Sol system



Orbital position:

Primary satellite





3,474.57 kilometers (2,159.00 mi)







c. 2080



Luna, often referred to as the Moon, is the only natural satellite of Earth. Luna is home to a large human population and the renowned Luna OCS Academy.[1] Luna houses a number of skyhook defense complexes suspended in its low orbit.[2]


Humans began settling on Luna around 2080.[3] Luna has not been heavily terraformed, a result of its low gravity and lack of atmosphere.[4] Instead, the habitats on Luna are sealed from vacuum and interconnected by tubes.[5] By 2492, the governing body of Luna was known as Luna Confederated States, the State of Mare Nubium being one of the said states. The Academy at Mare Nubium, known more generally as the Luna OCS Academy, was located here.[6] Despite its proximity to Earth, Luna was home to some degree of Insurrectionist activity; shortly after 2530, the parents of Michael Crespo died attempting to detonate a bomb attached to a government building on Luna.[7]

During the Battle of Earth in late 2552, Luna's skyhook defense complexes came under attack by the Covenant and were defended by ONI Security personnel.[2] Other Covenant forces attacked Luna's cities to ensure that the UNSC would not be able to launch a sneak attack from their Lunar military bases. Both Luna and Mars got hit particularly hard compared to other colonies in the Sol system, although they both fared better than Earth.[8] The human population centers on the moon survived the Covenant assault relatively intact.[9]

Following the Human-Covenant War, Luna was home to the Office of Naval Intelligence vessel UNSC Rubicon, which was deployed to Installation 00 in December of 2553 to investigate the disappearance of automated probes sent eight months prior and to determine the source of an unknown signal.[10][11]


Known residents[edit]


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  • Luna is the Latin word for Moon, and many Latin-based languages share the word.
  • In many Earth-based maps in the Halo games, the Moon often appears to be larger than in real life.
  • The Moon would be roughly 2,059.6 centimetres (67.57 ft) further from the Earth in 2552 than present day due to tidal acceleration forces.
  • In the Halo: Reach live-action short Spaceport, Luna is a destination listed at the Manassas Spaceport.


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