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Commander Miranda Keyes and her father Captain Jacob Keyes.

The Keyes family was composed of legendary family members who turned the tide of the Human-Covenant War and were remembered as war heroes,[1] with the exception of Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, who was labeled as a war criminal despite being instrumental in the creation of the Spartan-II Program and Cortana.[2]


Jacob Keyes was born on Earth and had a sister that lived on Dwarka.[3] As a young lieutenant he met with Catherine Halsey who developed the Spartan-II program.[4] The two of them had a child together, Miranda Keyes.[5] Jacob Keyes developed the Keyes Loop tactic and eventually became a renown captain after many years.[1] He died leading the Battle of Installation 04.[6] His daughter Miranda had become a commander and worked closely with the UNSC's leader, Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood,[7] and led the final battle of the Human-Covenant War where she too died in combat.[8]



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