High Charity defense fleet

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High Charity defense fleet
High Charity from Halo 2 Anniversary.


Covenant fleet


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Defense of High Charity


"That's the largest Covenant fleet I've ever seen ... the largest anyone's ever seen."

The High Charity defense fleet was a formation of multiple Covenant fleets defending the Covenant holy city of High Charity.[2] The fleet had hundreds of ships protecting High Charity at any time, reflecting the holy city's importance. A ship approaching High Charity had a nanosecond to submit a security code, or it would be destroyed by the sheer might of the fleet and High Charity's defenses. During 2552, the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity served within the High Charity defense fleet.


This fleet was thrown into disarray during the Fall of High Charity. When the Great Schism splintered the Covenant, Elite and Brute controlled vessels within the armada began firing on each other.[3] After taking heavy losses, the surviving Covenant ships loyal to the Prophets retreated to Earth,[1] and the Sangheili flotilla remained in an attempt to contain the Flood. These attempts failed, however, when a single Flood-infested CCS-class battlecruiser, Indulgence of Conviction, broke through and headed towards Earth with a small battle group of separatist ships in pursuit.[4]

It is unknown what remains of the fleet after High Charity, under the power of the Gravemind, forced its way out of quarantine and made its way to the Ark. The surviving portion of the fleet may have continued to undertake combat activities against the former Sangheili portion up until the War's end.


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