Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence

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Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence
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Covenant fleet


Over 13 ships




Supreme Commander Luro 'Taralumee


The Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence was a fleet of the Covenant. The assault carrier Resplendent Fervor, commanded by Supreme Commander Luro 'Taralumee, was the flagship of the fleet.[1] This organization's operations were monitored by the Vice Cleric of Zeal.


Spartan raid[edit]

Resplendent Fervor, the fleet flagship
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The fleet was present at the Battle of Miridem in 2544, during which the Covenant captured Dr. Catherine Halsey while in cryo-stasis and brought her onboard Resplendent Fervor. As they began to move out of the system to rendezvous with the fleets of Furious Retribution and Rigorous Prayer and return to High Charity, magnetic interference from the star prevented them from jumping into Slipstream space immediately, forcing the fleet to clear the magnetic field at sublight speeds before they could make the jump. Meanwhile, the UNSC quickly organized a rescue effort in which SPARTAN-II Blue Team would utilize OF-92 EVAs deployed by an ONI stealth ship to rescue Halsey.[1] Expecting this, 'Taralumee had decoys of Halsey's transponder planted on all of the fleet's ships, and an antimatter charge aboard one of the Ket-pattern battlecruisers as a trap for the Spartans.

One of the Spartans was killed after being lured onboard the cruiser with the antimatter charge onboard, and another died when being crushed between two cruisers. However, the final three eventually made it onboard the Resplendent Fervor. As they advanced deeper into the ship, 'Taralumee begun detaching sections of the ship, to no avail. Eventually, John-117 made it to where Halsey was being kept, unfroze her and proceeded to the lifepod bays, confronting 'Taralumee's second-in-command, Major Thel 'Lodamee on the way. However, just as 'Lodamee was gaining the upper hand of the Spartan, the fleet cleared the magnetic interference, initiated Slipspace jump and the Major was pulled back into the main section of the ship. The discarded aft section was set to self-destruct, but Halsey and the Spartans made it out before its destruction.[2]

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