Second Fleet of Solemn Accord

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Second Fleet of Solemn Accord
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Covenant fleet




Twenty-four vessels


Battle of Sigma Octanus IV


The Second Fleet of Solemn Accord was a Covenant fleet during the human-Covenant War.[1]


Battle of Sigma Octanus IV[edit]

On July 17, 2552, the Second Fleet fought UNSC forces at the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. At 0625 hours, the fleet was detected on the edge of the system. The 48 UNSC warships, formed a tight "checkerboard" formation that allowed for them to fire all their MAC guns simultaneously at the Covenant fleet with a single massive volley. When the battle commenced, the Second Fleet took a severe beating from the UNSC's opening MAC salvo, but quickly returned fire with a salvo of plasma torpedoes. The repair station UNSC Cradle moved in front of the UNSC formation, blocking the Covenant fleet's first salvo, at the cost of the station and its entire crew. This allowed the UNSC ships to dedicate all the power from their reactors to recharging their MAC guns, and the UNSC ships were thus quickly able to fire a second salvo after the destroyed Cradle drifted away.[2]

After this salvo, only eight Covenant vessels remained: cruisers and destroyers. The Second Fleet was then engaged by the UNSC fleet, which responded by releasing its Seraph fighters and opening heavy fire on the UNSC ships. During the battle a Covenant stealth ship was attempting to receive data on a Forerunner artifact from their forces planetside. However, it was spotted by the UNSC Iroquois, the Iroquois attempted to destroy the stealth ship with Archer missiles, but the ship jammed the missiles' guidance locks, causing them to miss. In response, the Iroquois then rammed the stealth ship, halting the data transmission. Soon after the remnants of the Second Fleet retreated.[3]


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