Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose

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Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose


November 3rd, 2552



Hundreds of ships


Xytan 'Jar Wattinree


The Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose[1] was a massive Covenant fleet, likely comprised of several smaller fleets or battle groups. It was responsible for guarding a portion of the outlying Covenant empire. It was led by the Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree and consisted of at least four smaller fleets of around at least two hundred ships.


During the Great Schism, the fleet was under the control of the Sangheili. The fleet met with as many other Sangheili-controlled ships as possible at the outpost world of Joyous Exultation to plan a massive counter-offensive against the Jiralhanae. A number of ships from the fleet left with the Incorruptible for Onyx. Moments later, much of the fleet and the planet were destroyed by a NOVA bomb on the flagship of the fleet - the supercarrier Sublime Transcendence. However, due to the large size of the area of space that the fleet was occupying, about two-fifths of the fleet were out of range and survived. Some of these ships went out and reinforced the remaining fleet at Onyx, while the rest likely went to defend Sanghelios. The vessels that travelled to Onyx were later annihilated by the world's Sentinels.

The Jiralhanae, knowing that Joyous Exultation would serve as an anchor point for the Sangheili, intended to lay siege to the planet. By the time they arrived, however, both the planet and the fleet had been destroyed.[2]

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