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This article is about Covenant fleet unit. For UNSC spacecraft of the same name, see UNSC Swift Justice.
Fleet of Swift Justice







Battle of Netherop


"Agony is the consequence of betrayal, and the Fleet of Swift Justice will deliver it."
— The fleet's message to the Flotilla of Unsung Piety[1]

The Fleet of Swift Justice is a fleet unit within the Covenant military.


Main article: Battle of Netherop

In June of 2526, the fleet was dispatched to Netherop to hunt down the disgraced fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee and his Flotilla of Unsung Piety. The fleet exited slipspace in the system on June 7, exiting on the far side of the planet to the UNSC's Task Force Pantea - hoping to box the Covenant traitors between the fleet and the human enemy force.[1] Believing the force to be sent to disrupt the UNSC mission, Task Force Pantea engaged the fleet, though noting they would not be able to hold it off for long. The fleet's lead carrier deployed a single Mokol'ta-pattern Spirit dropship to the planet, fearful of simply using orbital bombardment for fear of destroying the Luminal Beacons stolen by Nizat.

The fleet was able to overpower the UNSC task force with ease, and eventually departed the system - having marooned Nizat and his cadre on the planet as punishment for their actions.[2][3] However, at least two of their own people ended up being stranded as well; Klemas 'Teodoree, a Sangheili Ranger who had lost his leg in the battle, and Meduz 'Ra'ashai, a Silent Shadow Blademaster.[4] These personnel ultimately joined forces with Nizat and his Defenders of the Sanctum to survive on Netherop for the next thirty years.

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  1. ^ While never identified as a CAS, Chapter 12 of Halo: Oblivion does make mention of a Covenant assault carrier in the newly-arrived fleet. All other mentions merely refer to the ship as an unspecified Covenant carrier.


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