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Bero 'Kusovai (right) was a skilled blademaster

Blademaster is a title used by Sangheili to indicate a Sangheili-ai, a master swordsman.[1] The "-ai" suffix is applied to the surnames of blademasters, an honorific bestowed upon the Sangheili in a ceremony after they choose to dedicate their life to the perfection of their swordsmanship.[2] Blademasters are entitled to wear gilded armor, denoting their master rank.[1]

Toha 'Sumai was one of the preeminent swordfighters of his time, though the aristocratic 'Sumai clan appears to bear the "-ai" suffix in perpetuity; the family's keep and all known members of the clan both hold the honorific.[3] Vul 'Soran, the second-in-command aboard the CAS-class assault carrier Shadow of Intent, is a blademaster, though he lacks the "-ai" suffix.[1] Okro 'Vagaduun of the Banished is another blademaster who lacks this honorific suffix.[4] Other notable blademasters include Tel 'Szatulai,[5] Bero 'Kusovai,[2] Tulum 'Juranai,[6] Inslaan 'Gadogai,[7] and Jega 'Rdomnai of the Hand of Atriox.[8]

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