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Inslaan 'Gadogai
Inslaan 'Gadogai, as seen in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).
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State of Varo, Saepon'kal

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241.3 centimetres (7 ft 11 in)[1]


145.6 kilograms (321.1 lbs)[1]

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Inslaan 'Gadogai (born Azl 'Lamoul) is a shrewd, cunning, and short-tempered Sangheili blademaster serving the Keepers of the One Freedom. He was a veteran of the Silent Shadow during the time of the Covenant, before rebelling against the High Prophet of Truth and Tartarus' Jiralhanae leadership at the onset of the Great Schism. By 2559 he was a mercenary serving the Banished as an eye for Escharum, before leaving them in favor of Castor and the Keepers of the One Freedom.[2][3] Following the failed attempt at firing the Halo Array, he and Castor were left as the only survivors of the Keepers of the One Freedom.[4]


Early Life[edit]

Born on the fortress world of Saepon'kal, the Sangheili who would become Inslaan ‘Gadogai was originally known as Azl 'Lamoul. He was a member of the Moul clan, a powerful house of the seventeen keeps in the Varo state. He was the eldest son the Matriarch of the Moul keep and would eventually be mentored by its Kaidon. In time, he became as adept in personal combat as he was in administration. When the ruling Kaidon intended to abdicate, Azl was greatly favored to be chosen as the next Kaidon of his clan, and so he traveled to the client keeps to cement their support.[5]

During the third destination, he met Olabisi, the daughter of the Matriarch of the keep. The two quickly fell in love and would traveled together to the next keep. Upon arriving, they secretly agreed to join their houses once Azl becomes Kaidon.[5]

Upon his return to the Moul keep, he learned that the Kaidon was abdicating his position. The elders of his keep named ‘Lamoul as his successor, but also named Unavaro, niece to the Marshal of Varo, as Matriarch. Azl rejected the proposal and announced his intentions with Olabisi.[5]

Before the Kaidon and matriarch could consent to ’Lamoul’s desires, the Marshal of Varo led a coup against the Moul clan. With the aid of a treacherous member of the clan, the Marshal sent assassins into the keep and slaughtered anyone who bore the blood of the Kaidon and the Matriarch, save for Azl. The assassins drugged-darted and imprisoned him, denying him the chance to die with the rest of his family.[5]

The Marshal of Varo completed Azl’s humiliation by forcing him to watch as an heir of the Varo clan was chosen as Kaidon and installed Olabisi as Matriarch. ‘Lamoul was then warned that any form of retaliation would forfeit his beloved’s life, and was thus released.[5]

Afterwards, many loyal retainers gathered to Azl and offered to join him to avenge the Marshal’s atrocities. However, he was unwilling to risk Olabisi’s life and ultimately forbade any retribution from his vassals and left his keep to fight in the Human-Covenant War.[5]

Joining the Silent Shadow[edit]

During his early service to the Covenant, his ferocity on the battlefield caught the attention of the Silent Shadow and was invited to join their ranks. He accepted their invitation, with the intention of returning to Saepon'kal to save Olabisi and kill the Marshal of Varo.[5]

Over time, Azl ‘Lamoul became a blademaster within the Silent Shadow and adopted a new name: Inslaan 'Gadogai. At some point, he was attached to the Fleet of Certain Glory.[5]

After four hundred cycles, he returned to Saepon'kal, only to discover that the Marshal and the illegitimate Kaidon dead and that Olabisi became the matriarch of the state of Varo. Knowing that his beloved was safe and well aware of his commitments to the Silent Shadow, he departed Saepon'kal and returned to the Fleet of Certain Glory.[5]

Over time, his compassion for Olabisi turned to bitterness and resentment.[5]

Great Schism[edit]

Following the Massacre at Eridanus Secundus, 'Gadogai saw the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae Tartarus present three remaining slipspace crystals to the High Prophet of Truth in the Inner Sanctum.[6] Soon after, 'Gadogai would eventually rebel against the High Prophets and their new Jiralhanae leadership at the onset of the Great Schism.[6]

Stabilizing the Banished on Reach[edit]

At some point in time Inslaan 'Gadogai joined the mercenary organization known as the Banished. 'Gadogai served as an eye for War Chief Escharum on Reach, to report if Legionmasters Deukalion, Ballas, and Castor were focused on the mission.

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Defection to the Keepers of the One Freedom[edit]

When Atriox arrived at Reach on a Lich via portal from the Ark, Inslaan 'Gadogai failed to block Castor and his Keepers of the One Freedom from boarding the Lich after Atriox and his crew exited it. Atriox ordered 'Gadogai to kill Castor and his Keepers for betraying him, to which 'Gadogai ignored and betrayed the Banished in turn by escaping to the Ark with the Keepers. Castor welcomed 'Gadogai as an official member of the Keepers of the One Freedom as they flew through the Portal back to the Ark.

Personality and traits[edit]

Inslaan 'Gadogai has developed a pattern of short-term relationships with factions, moving from faction to faction over time. However, his loyalty to Castor and the Keepers of the One Freedom was born out of a genuine friendship with the dokab and so he had committed himself fully to Castor's cause.[citation needed]

Skills and abilities[edit]

As a former member of the Silent Shadow, 'Gadogai has a seemingly preternatural degree of strength, speed, and agility - even for a Sangheili. At the Ark's Epsilon Spire, Inslaan moved with a hand speed far too great for the Dokab Castor to notice; snatching a communications disk from the front of the latter's belt, in spite of the Jiralhanae's alerted state. Notwithstanding his comparatively slender frame, the Sangheili was also considered a match in strength for Castor; a feat highly unusual in contrast to their species. [7]

When faced against the Ferrets, notably the Gammas attached to the team, an unarmored 'Gadogai was swift enough to reliably shove and elude the unarmored Spartan-IIIs before they could realize they had been attacked. In the moments they could finally start their weapons towards him, the ex-Silent Shadow member had already vanished from sight once more.[8]

Toward the Control Room Access Balcony at the Ark, Inslaan contemplated his chances against the unarmored yet adrenaline-surged Ash-G099 and Olivia-G291, with a fairness towards his odds of survival - even when armed with just a hard-light glaive and the Ferrets trained on his vulnerable body with their MA40 assault rifles.[9]

According to the ex-Silent Shadow member himself, this level of physical prowess was only possible as a result of his purchase of a mysterious energy which permeates all living beings in the universe.[10]


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