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Inslaan 'Gadogai

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Inslaan 'Gadogai
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Inslaan 'Gadogai is a mysterious, short-tempered Sangheili blademaster serving the Keepers of the One Freedom. He was a veteran of the Silent Shadow during the time of the Covenant, before rebelling against the High Prophet of Truth and Tartarus' Jiralhanae leadership at the onset of the Great Schism. By 2559 he was a mercenary serving the Banished as an eye for Escharum, before leaving them in favor of Castor and the Keepers of the One Freedom.[1][2]


Great Schism[edit]

In the Covenant, Inslaan 'Gadogai served as a blademaster in the Silent Shadow. Following the Massacre at Eridanus Secundus, 'Gadogai saw the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae Tartarus present three remaining slipspace crystals to the High Prophet of Truth in the Inner Sanctum.[3] Soon after, 'Gadogai would eventually rebel against the High Prophets and their new Jiralhanae leadership at the onset of the Great Schism.[3]

Stabilizing the Banished on Reach[edit]

At some point in time Inslaan 'Gadogai joined the mercenary organization known as the Banished. 'Gadogai served as an eye for War Chief Escharum on Reach, to report if Legionmasters Deukalion, Ballas, and Castor were focused on the mission.

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Defection to the Keepers of the One Freedom[edit]

When Atriox arrived at Reach on a Lich via portal from the Ark, Inslaan 'Gadogai failed to block Castor and his Keepers of the One Freedom from boarding the Lich after Atriox and his crew exited it. Atriox ordered 'Gadogai to kill Castor and his Keepers for betraying him, to which 'Gadogai ignored and betrayed the Banished in turn by escaping to the Ark with the Keepers. Castor welcomed 'Gadogai as an official member of the Keepers of the One Freedom as they flew through the Portal back to the Ark.

Personality and traits[edit]

Inslaan 'Gadogai has developed a pattern of short-term relationships with factions, moving from faction to faction over time.

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