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Olabisi Varo'dai
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High kaidon of Om'a'Varo[2]


Olabisi Varo'dai is the Sangheili high kaidon of the colony world of Om'a'Varo. As the High Kaidon (and only kaidon of any kind) for the world, she presides over three keeps on the planet, all swearing fealty to her.[2]


Early life[edit]

Olabisi was born in the State of Varo, on the planet Saepon'kal, as the daughter of the matriarch of one of the many keeps subordinate to the Moul clan. Following the Moul clan kaidon's abdication sometime during the Human-Covenant War, the Moul clan matriarch's eldest son Azl 'Lamoul was expected to be elected to take the throne. In preparation for this role, 'Lamoul toured the various keeps he was expected to one day rule over before eventually falling in love with Olabisi and intending to make her the Moul clan's Matriarch—joining the Varo and Moul clans. Upon returning to his keep, 'Lamoul discovered that the elders of his clan had Unavaro—niece of the then-Marshal of Varo—to take Olabisi's place. Azl 'Lamoul rejected this union, resulting in the entire Moul bloodline being killed off and one of the Varo clan's heirs elected to take over the Moul clan—with Olabisi as his figurehead matriarch.[1]

In such a dangerous position, Olabisi instead secretly trained a cadre of loyal female Sangheili Rangers, whom she tasked with defending her nest site. These rangers were able to kill all of the usurpers who had betrayed Azl 'Lamoul, resulting in Olabisi becoming the first female Marshal of Varo[2]—following the original Marshal's death in the Battle of Actium.[1]

Founding Om'a'Varo[edit]

Olabisi Varo'dai served as the Marshal of Varo for multiple decades until October 2552, when a NOVA bomb carried aboard Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree's carrier Sublime Transcendence was detonated over Saepon'kal. The destruction unleashed by the bomb rendered the planet uninhabitable, leading to Varo'dai rallying the survivors together and working to persuade a late-arriving fleetmaster to use his flotilla of ships to assist in rescue efforts for the survivors. She was then able to get assistance from Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, who arranged for a colonisation charter for an uninhabited world in the Emousz system, which was settled by the survivors of Saepon'kal. This new world came to be known as Om'a'Varo, or "Daughter of Varo" in an old Saepon'kal dialect of the Sangheili language. 'Vadam remained unsure whether the planet was named as a general reference to the continent of Varo, or specifically to honour Olabisi specifically—though he suspected it was a combination of both.[2]

As thanks for the Arbiter's assistance, Olabisi Varo'dai contributed a cadre of her rangers to the Swords of Sanghelios forces during the Blooding Years.[2]

Mission to Netherop[edit]

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Personality and traits[edit]

According to Thel 'Vadam, Olabisi Varo'dai apparently has excellent eyesight.[3]


Outside of combat, Olabisi Varo'dai wears a sleeveless gold tunic belted at the waist. Her personal energy sword has a well-worn handle.[2] The "-dai" suffix in her name denotes her as a blademaster in the short-path method of combat.[3]

Although Varo'dai, as a High Kaidon, has a set of gold kaidon armor, she wore a ranger-commander harness during the Battle of Netherop (2559).[3]

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