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Emauzs system[1]



Sangheili (non-native)[1]


Some time after October 2552[1]


Om'a'Varo (Saepon'kal dialect: Daughter of Varo) is a colony world settled by the Sangheili during the post-war era.[1]



Oma'a'Varo is named such that in an old Saepon'kal dialect of the Sangheili language, it translates to "Daughter of Varo". Thel 'Vadam noted that he found it unclear whether this name referred to the colony being founded by Sangheili from the Varo continent on Saepon'kal, or whether it specifically referred to Olabisi Varo'dai - the Marshal of Varo responsible for the colony's founding.[1]



Om'a'Varo was settled by survivors of the destruction of Saepon'kal, following the detonation of a NOVA bomb aboard Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree's carrier Sublime Transcendence in October 2552. With much of the planet rendered uninhabitable, the Marshal of Varo, Olabisi Varo'dai, was able to round up tens of thousands of survivors and evacuate them offworld. In doing this, she was able to convince the fleetmaster of a flotilla arriving late to Xytan's summons to assist in the evacuation effort, before later being assisted by Arbiter Thel 'Vadam in finding a new home. 'Vadam arranged a charter of colonisation for an uninhabited world in the Emauzs system, leading to the establishment of a small Sangheili community on the planet.[1]

Government and society[edit]

Om'a'Varo is ruled by the high kaidon Olabisi Varo'dai. As of 2559, there are three keeps on the planet, all swearing fealty to the Varo clan. Varo'dai is a loyal supporter of the Arbiter and the Swords of Sanghelios in thanks for their assistance in founding the world; as such, she sent a cadre of Sangheili Rangers from the planet to assist Thel 'Vadam during the Blooding Years.[1]

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