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Ghe 'Talot: "A female kaidon? What fools did that?"
Thel 'Vadam: "Technically a female high kaidon, as she leads all three keeps on Om'a'Varo."
Kaidon Ghe 'Talot and Arbiter Thel 'Vadam discuss Olabisi Varo'dai's status as high kaidon of her world.[1]

High kaidon is a noble title of the Sangheili. High kaidons serve as the leaders of entire Sangheili colonies, with multiple kaidons and marshals below them swearing their allegiance to the high kaidon. In the case of Olabisi Varo'dai, she was the only kaidon for all three keeps on the colony founded by the survivors of the destruction of Saepon'kal, therefore technically making her the high kaidon for the world.[1]

Following the formation of the Covenant and the subservience of the Sangheili to the San'Shyuum, the collective spirit of the Sangheili was felt by Thel 'Vadam to have been swept away for selfishness and jealousy; with the Arbiter feeling that every marshal fancied himself rule of a continent, every high kaidon the master of his world. Accordingly, in the period following the Covenant's dissolution, it is common for high kaidons to plot against one another and guard their authority with a jealousy and cunning unrivalled by neither the Jiralhanae or the Kig-Yar.[2] As the Arbiter petitioned the high kaidons to form a Concert of Worlds as a framework for peace in the post-imperial galaxy, he found them reluctant to cooperate both out of self-interest and out of wariness for his alliance with humanity - having reluctantly accepted the assistance of UNSC Infinity during the Siege at Kolaar.[2]

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