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This article is about the Covenant military rank. For the general concept of Covenant commissioned officers, see Obedientiary.
A Sangheili Officer.

"Station and Salvation both command a heavy price."
— Sangheili Officer's mantra[1]

Officer was an Obedientiary military rank held by Sangheili forces within the armed forces of the Covenant empire.[2][3][4][5] The title exists as a class byproduct of the Major rank, and has few real practical differences beyond the more decorative ceremonial battle armour the officers employ. Like Majors, Officers report to an on-site Evocati official, and may be charged with the command of lances consisting of lesser-ranked Sangheili, Kig-Yar and Unggoy.[6] Unlike Major, the Officer role has only ever been seen observed in use by Sangheili troops.[7]

As a byproduct of the Major role, Officers wear more ornamental armor, which functions with no substantial differences to Major Sangheili equipped with the standard combat harness.[6] The officer harness features much more pronounced shoulder pauldrons and a more elaborate helmet with a backward-swept spike in the center.[7] The design is more standardized than that of ordinary Majors, varying only in color. One color scheme is blood red with a golden tinge and brass-colored highlights;[7] another is matte burgundy with white accents on the arms and legs, the collar, and the helmet.[8]

In the post-war era, United Nations Space Command forces have simulated combat against Officers via War Games simulations. In these simulations, Officers are deployed in Commander harnesses.

In-game information[edit]

Main article: Elite Major

Elite Officers were introduced into the Halo series in Halo: Reach. In-game, Officers serve as the replacement for the series' classic Elite Majors, though have no particular gameplay differences outside of cosmetic changes. In Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Officers were used to replace the Majors in the game, albeit with a crimson red colouration as opposed to Reach's bronze orange. In Anniversary's Library function, these elites are still identified as Majors.

In Halo: Ground Command, Officers are available in the Covenant Command Pack.[4][5]



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