Sangheili Prime

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Sangheili Prime
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The Sangheili Prime is a Sangheili Warrior which appears in Warzone simulations as a boss.[1]


In basic Warzone, two Elite Primes spawn on opposite sides of the map Battle of Noctus, one by Blue home base and another by Red home base. Each is in a small tunnel directly in front of the bases, and defended by a few Kig-Yar with shields. The Elite Primes have red armor, strong energy shields, and are armed with storm rifles and plasma grenades. In their narrow tunnel, they can be engaged from the front or attacked from behind through a breakable grate.

The Elite Ultra may also appear as a boss in Warzone Firefight. During the first round, two Primes may defend the pond by the Garage on Escape from ARC. A near-continuous swarm of Covenant will protect them, and only killing the Primes will end the round. They also appear on March on Stormbreak. The two Primes can wield the Pool of Radiance and the Vorpal Talon if they appear as Legendary bosses on March on Stormbreak in the final round.


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