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Pipap is an Unggoy Deacon. He is an accomplished Goblin Jockey, as evidenced by his Goblin.[1]


He is featured as a boss in the Spartan-IVs' Warzone training simulations. Pipap is a boss to appear on Attack on Sanctum, Temple (level) and Raid on Apex 7 maps in Warzone, and Warzone Firefight, and pilots a Temple Goblin. His Goblin is painted gold and has increased accuracy and health from a Goblin Jockey. His Goblin cannot be boarded or hijacked, nor can it be EMPd. However, it does have a weak spot, which is the thruster located on the back of the vehicle. There is no way to get Pipap to leave his vehicle, and so will go down fighting in it, all the way to his death. Pipap often insults attacking Spartans, and mocks them when he kills them. Killing him will allow the round to end, or will be one less boss needed to be killed for the round to end.It also allows the player to earn a Legendary Takedown medal. He usually appears in either round 4 or 5. His cockpit shields are easily drained by Sorrow of Teash, or a Safeguard Sentinel Beam.


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