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Knight Dignitary



The Knight Dignitary is a type of Promethean Knight Battlewagon present within the UNSC's Warzone simulation.


In Warzone simulations, Knight Dignitaries have the same appearance as a Knight Battlewagon, thus Dignitaries have the same hardlight blade, carapace, and dark grey color scheme they sport.


Knight Dignitaries appear as boss units in the Warzone simulation "Escape from ARC", at the locations known as Loading Dock and Grotto when the timer is at 16:00. They are capable of sustaining a lot of damage before dying. They are also accompanied by a pair of Soldier Officers.[1] Killing one will award the team 25 VP, and earn the player a Boss Takedown medal.[2]

In Warzone Firefight matches set on Escape from ARC, a pair of Knight Dignitaries will sometimes appear in the final round alongside a Mythic Warden Eternal, one being a Legendary Battlewagon and another being a Legendary Commander.[2] Both of them carry LightRifles and will switch to Incineration Cannons when dealing with players in vehicles.[2]


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