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Knight Champion



Knight Champions are a class of Promethean Knights.


In Warzone simulations, Knight Champions have the same appearance as a Knight Commander, thus Champions have the hardlight blade they do, have several spikes sticking up from behind their heads, and sport a white color scheme (orange and turquoise for Legendary variants).


In Warzone, Champions appear in as a boss unit. Killing one will award the team 25 VP, and earn the player a Boss Takedown medal.[1]

In Warzone Firefight, Knight Champions appear in the final round in either Attack on Sanctum or Urban, where they appear as Legendary Knight Commanders armed with the River of Light.[1] Defeating them will grant the participating players a Legendary Takedown medal for each Champion killed.[1] In Attack on Sanctum, they appear alongside a Mythic Warden Eternal duo, making the match much more difficult to complete due to the many Incineration Cannon-armed Knights spawning in as minions.[1]


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