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Daz 'Shul
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Daz 'Shul is a Sangheili Warrior present in Warzone simulations. He pilots a Temple Wraith, and leads an armored lance, with includes himself and 2 other Temple Wraiths.[1]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Daz 'Shul and his lance drop in certain Warzone Firefight simulations during the final round on the map Attack on Sanctum.

The members of his lance consist of three unnamed Sangheili that all drive Temple Wraiths. Each Wraith in the lance has a gunner, which makes each Wraith difficult to pick off due to the gunner and a chance of the Wraith ramming into its attackers.

The Wraith, like most other AI-controlled vehicles, cannot be boarded. However, if one is disabled multiple times with an EMP, the Sangheili pilot will exit the Wraith and fight with a storm rifle and grenades. If the pilot exits the vehicle, a player cannot then enter it.

Killing him, or one of the members in his lance, earns the player a Legendary Takedown medal. After one of the Wraiths are destroyed, a Pool of Radiance and a Vorpal Talon will drop, which can then be picked up by players and used.

The round will not end, until the 2 other Wraiths have been destroyed.

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