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This article is about the Warzone boss. For the Swords of Sanghelios warrior, see N'tho 'Sraom.
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Mvon 'Sraom[2] is a Sangheili noble from the renowned House of 'Sraom[1] known for his skills as a pilot.[1]. He has attained the title of Baron.


Mvon 'Sraom was one of the Covenant's most storied Sangheili pilots, a legend whose deft skills at the controls of a myriad of aerial craft left an indelible mark on those who flew alongside and against him. Commanding a Banshee christened "Saban'amnsir" ("Red Fang"), Mvon was responsible for countless human casualties, and his practiced ruthlessness saw both civilian and military targets fall to his pinpoint plasma fire. Though they did not know his name, the distinctive livery of the Red Fang was well known to the UNSC, and intelligence analysts soon began to take particular note of where the infamous "Baron" might pop up next.[2]

The mystique surrounding Mvon and his Red Fang only grew larger when he seemingly vanished following the Great Schism. Over the next several years, scattered reports from across several distant outposts and colonies have appeared which appear to describe Mvon's distinctive craft and combat harness, though these accounts have not been independently confirmed.[2]


He is featured as a mini-boss in the Spartan-IVs' Warzone training simulations.[3][4] Killing him will award the team 100 VP, and earn the player a Legendary Takedown medal. When his banshee is destroyed, his corpse is a red Warrior Elite model, the same as almost all other Elite bosses.[5]


  • Baron 'Sraom and his red Banshee are a reference to the World War I German fighter ace Manfred von Richthofen, famously nicknamed the "Red Baron", who was known for his distinctive all-red Fokker Dr.I triplane.
  • The boss was named after a 343 Industries employee whose surname is Baron.[6]
  • The Baron's name was spelled "'Sroam" in the E3 2015 build of Halo 5: Guardians. The vowel order was later reversed, establishing him as part of the same clan as N'tho 'Sraom.[1]


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