Re'gish Wamik

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Re'gish Wamik
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"Rejoice, your Holiness, for we have found the doorway to the relic you spoke of!"
— Wamik, referring to the Relic on Harvest

Re'gish Wamik is a Sangheili Field Master who served during the Harvest campaign in 2531.[1]


During the final stages of the Harvest campaign, Wamik commanded the Covenant forces that found the doorway to the newly discovered Forerunner Relic. He sent a message to the Prophet of Regret informing him of their findings; in the same message, Wamik requested that Regret send the Arbiter, Ripa 'Moramee, so they may open the Relic.[1] When the Arbiter arrived at the site the Field Master expressed concern that the Flood may lurk within. However, the Arbiter demanded that the structure be opened and rebuked his subordinate with the words, "I care not for your little life!"[2]

Following the campaign, Wamik's military career with the Covenant was well documented by the United Nations Space Command as he continued to prove to be a challenging foe to the UNSC. As a result of his infamy, the Office of Naval Intelligence's War Games designers utilized field data on Wamik to produce a boss construct for Warzone scenarios to test Spartan operatives against in the Stormbreak simulation.[3] Wamik's simulated counterpart pilots a Type-54 Banshee at the Cargo Dock. Killing him will award the team 150 VP, and earn the player a Legendary Takedown medal.


His name lacks the typical "-ee"/"-ai" suffix, as well as a preceding apostrophe, seen in most Sangheili. He is likely named for a hero or legend of ancient Sangheili history, retaining the name in the antiquated dialect of the era. [3]


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