D'nomlhe-pattern Banshee

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Were you looking for the variant introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved, the Type-26 Banshee, or the space fighter variant, the Elsedda-pattern Banshee?
D'nomlhe-pattern Attack Flyer
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Technical specifications


Nanolaminate hull plating


One pilot


In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


Ground support aircraft



Sangheili Storm #1: "The Banshee remains inoperative. I do not yet understand why."
Sangheili Storm #2: "Figure it out. We need every Banshee in the air."
Holly Tanaka: "See that part right there? Quarter-turn right and lock it."
Holly Tanaka assists two Swords of Sanghelios Sangheili Storm during the Battle of Nuusra.[1]

The D'nomlhe-pattern Attack Flyer[2] (UNSC Type classification: Type-54 Ground Support Aircraft, T-54 GSA), also known as the Hesduros-pattern or more simply the Banshee, is a standard ground assault aircraft in service with various Covenant remnant factions.[3]


Design details[edit]

The Type-54 Ground Support Aircraft is the Hesduros-pattern variant of the Banshee combat flyer. Not restrained by the conservative San'Shyuum bureaucrats of the Covenant, the model features a design that harkens back to earlier Banshee models once used by the Sangheili on their homeworld, Sanghelios. The new model features numerous improvements, including energy shielding. Like the T-26B, the T-54 can be modified to operate in space.[4]


  • Sword Banshee: The Swords of Sanghelios T-54, referred to as the Sword Banshee, is painted crimson and has better armor compared to the standard model. The Swords of Sanghelios make use of the T-54 primarily due to losses of their old models. Most were supplied from defectors and captured supply depots.[5]
  • Banshee Ultra: The Ultra Banshee is a rare, silver-painted, valuable, heavily armored variant of the Banshee with a rapid fire, linear-trajectory fuel rod cannon that leaves behind dangerous residue upon impact, in the same manner as the Pool of Radiance, a special Gespu-pattern fuel rod gun.[5] Only skilled Sangheili pilots are entrusted to operate Ultra Banshees.[6]
  • Temple Banshee: "Temple Banshees" are anointed Banshees built with artistry in mind and used by the sky-chevaliers. These variants combine ancient tradition and ultra-tech advances; delicate grav impellors are wrapped in prayer strips and golden nanolaminate skins hand-carved and polished to a brilliant sheen by hopeful initiates learning secrets of the aerial hunt.[7] Masterwork Banshee with hardened armor, improved handling, and upgraded fuel rod cannon with reduced fire delay and ability to fire while boosting.[5]
  • Warzone Banshee: The Warzone Banshee is a variant of Banshee used by enemy AI in War Games simulations.

Operational history[edit]

The Type-54 GSA was put into service after the end of the Human-Covenant War, with the Covenant remnants utilizing new manufacturing facilities to manufacture the model. The Type-54 was used in multiple battles, including the Battle of Kamchatka and various battles in the Blooding Years. Around the same time T-54 Banshees became popular in War Games matches aboard the UNSC Infinity.[5]

During Operation: BIRD IN HAND in October 2558, Blue Team hijacked several Covenant Banshees to destroy Argent Moon's reactor cooling system, allowing them to scuttle the station. With the Banshees being too slow to escape the explosion in time and their Pelican presumably destroyed, Blue Team abandoned the craft in favor of the Winter-class prowler ONI Acrisius.[8]


Changes from the Type-26 Banshee in Halo 2 Anniversary[edit]

  • The Banshee once again makes a noise similar to its Halo: Combat Evolved counterpart.
  • The Banshee can once again use the fuel rod cannon in multiplayer.
  • Like its Halo: Reach counterpart the Banshee can once again lock onto enemy aircraft with the fuel rod cannon, but not ground vehicles.
  • If the player presses the melee button it will pass to Patrol Mode.
  • The Banshee now has a light energy shield.
  • The wing joints act as the Banshee's weak points; 103 BR85N battle rifle bursts to the wing joints will destroy it.


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