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The modern revival of the sky-chevaliers have seen them take a preference for the golden "Temple" variant of the D'nomlhe-pattern Banshee.

The sky-chevaliers are a class of Sangheili pilots, usually a part of wider martial orders such as those of the Zealots or Ascetics. The sky-chevaliers originate from ancient Sangheili civilisation on Sanghelios before the development of Sangheili spaceflight and interplanetary colonisation.[1][2]

The earliest sky-chevaliers flew upon the backs of their 'sKelln, though these animal mounts were later supplanted after the advent of Sangheili industrialism with the piston-driven warbirds. The signing of the Writ of Union at the close of the War of Beginnings saw the Sangheili species incorporated into the newly-formed Covenant empire, beginning a decline in the order's honour under the rigid strictures of the San'Shyuum - though they were never actively stamped out under the Covenant regime. The empire's collapse in the 26th century has seen a revival of the sky-chevaliers as the Ascetic and Zealot orders have increased in power and prosperity.[1][2]

The preferred craft of the chevaliers is the "Temple Banshee" - a specifically-crafted variant of the D'nomlhe-pattern Banshee clad in golden nanolaminate plating and created by the most capable artisan-armorers available.[1][2]


"Chevalier" comes from the French word for "Knight".

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