Heretic Sangheili Major

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Heretic Sangheili Major
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Sesa 'Refumee's heretic faction


Heretic Sangheili Majors were denoted by their gold-colored armor.[1][2] They served as commanders to the Minors and the Heretic Unggoy. They also guarded areas of interest as designated by the heretic leader, Sesa 'Refumee.[1][2]


Like the Heretic Minors, the Heretic Majors were fearless warriors who were part of the Covenant's artifact retrieval group before their abandonment of the Covenant Faith. Under the banner of 'Refumee, the Heretic Majors ensured that members of heretic caste fulfilled their respective roles.

Most of, if not all, the Majors were killed when the gas mine fell into the depths of Threshold, after the Arbiter cut the cables holding the mine up.[1][2]


Heretic Majors share some properties of a Sangheili Major: For example, they have the same shield strength. However, they make fewer tactical errors than their Minor counterparts. They are often equipped with Carbines and Sentinel Beams, with some wielding Energy Swords.


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