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Bero 'Kusovai training with Rtas 'Vadumee.
Bero 'Kusovai (right), a sub-commander within Covenant Special Operations, duelling with Rtas 'Vadumee.

Sub-commander was an Obedientiary[1] military rank within the armed forces of the Covenant. For most of its history, the title was almost exclusively held by Sangheili.[2]


Sub-commanders are subordinate to Commanders; together, these roles allowed the Sangheili to maintain unit cohesion across the Covenant's various client species.[2] The rank was employed by Covenant Special Operations, with SpecOps personnel serving in the sub-commander role donning a Sangheili harness in dark blue-green colouration.[3]

Sub-commander Bero 'Kusovai is the only known Sangheili to have held the title; a position in which he served inside SpecOps until his death in the Battle of Installation 04.[3]

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