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This article is about the standard low-ranking Sangheili used by the Banished. For the standard low-ranking Sangheili used by the Covenant, see Sangheili Minor.
Render of a Sangheili Mercenary. Included as part of the magazine kit linked to in this tweet.


  • Ground assault/infantry
  • Lance leader






Sangheili mercenary clans


"I have become estranged from my family, who even after the truth has come to light, refuse to fully renounce the ancient doctrines I have brought shame upon our name by offering up my blade alongside my brothers...for hire."
Orda Val 'Saham[1]

Sangheili Mercenaries are the standard low ranking Sangheili mercenaries working for the Banished.[2] While all Banished Sangheili are mercenaries in general, higher ranking mercenaries can hold roles such as Honor Guard,[3] or Shipmaster as Let 'Volir did.[4]


While many Sangheili continued to battle the Jiralhanae following the Great Schism and the fall of the Covenant,[5][6] there were Sangheili who were persuaded by Atriox to work for the Banished, as he claimed to have no complicity with Tartarus and the other Jiralhanae who had betrayed and massacred their kind and offered power and sport for those who would join the Banished.[7] As such, many Sangheili have joined the Banished as mercenaries, some of which used their earnings of military resources to fight out disputes with other Sangheili kin on their homeworlds.[8] Joining the Banished was frowned upon in Sangheili culture, Let 'Volir's name was notably forever tarnished for working for Atriox.[9]

Operational history[edit]

Many of Let Volir's mercenaries took part in the battle between the UNSC Spirit of Fire and the Banished on the Lesser Ark, as Rangers and Honor Guards.[4]

Many standard Sangheili Mercenaries fought for the Banished during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[10] They came from the mercenary Sangheili clans of the Warriors of Malaston, Valorguards of the Chosen, Bloodbrave Guardians of Suban, and Kaepra's Grief. In addition, Chak 'Lok brought several Sangheili Ultra mercenaries into the fold.[2]


Sangheili Mercenaries are issued a blue colored version of the Sangheili harness, akin to the Combat harness used by the Covenant's Sangheili Minor. They are always equipped with plasma grenades, and almost always wield the Erudo'ma'keth-pattern pulse carbine, though they often arm themselves with better weapons found on the battlefield. They are also the species and rank most commonly found piloting Ghosts, Banshees, and Wraiths.


Mercenaries are the lowest ranked Elites encountered in Halo Infinite. They can be found leading groups of Jackals, Grunts and Skimmers, and if alongside Brutes, they tend to be in lower numbers. Elite Enforcers often have one or two Mercenaries working alongside them.

They are fast at moving and good shots, especially with the homing capabilities of the Pulse Carbine, and prefer to fire and throw grenades while on the run. However, they can be impatient, and will jump out of cover to pursue the player if he doesn't engage them on their terms, especially if out of allies. These characteristics also apply to their driving patterns; while they usually hang back, they will come searching if the player stays hidden. Mercenaries favor agility and have a tendency to evade shots making them harder to hit.

A Mercenary's energy shields can withstand two full bursts of Pulse Rifle, or one Plasma Pistol overcharge, before collapsing, at which point they will usually roar and charge while firing their weapon, though they may instead take cover if the enemy is far away. Mercenaries, like other Elites in the game, do not keep their shields active while patrolling, making them easy targets when unaware. They are very quick at turning them on when they sense danger though, so be prepared.

While Mercenaries always wield Pulse Carbines by default, they will pick up more powerful weapons if they find them on the battlefield. This can make an encounter with them significantly more challenging, so beware of killing weak enemies with strong weapons (like Jackal Snipers or Skimmers) when there are still Elites alive in the area.

Production notes[edit]

With the design of Sangheili in Halo Infinite taking inspiration from Halo 3 and Halo: Reach,[11] the design of the Sangheili Mercenaries bear an almost-identical design to that of a concept art of a Sangheili Minor created by Isaac Hannaford during the development of Halo: Reach (shown below).


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