Warriors of Malaston

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House of Malaston
Government overview


Mercenary clan

Head of state:

Kaidon Thav 'Sebarim[1]

Societal overview


Keep of Malaston, Suban[1]

Official language(s):

Sangheili language

Historical overview




The House of Malaston are a Sangheili clan from Suban formerly under the leadership of Kaidon Thav 'Sebarim. While the clan serves as mercenaries within the Banished, they are known as the Warriors of Malaston.[1]


Natives of Suban[edit]

The House of Malaston founded the Keep of Malaston on Suban, one of the moons of Sanghelios. At some point before or during the Human-Covenant War, Thav 'Sebarim was born into the clan, eventually becoming the kaidon of both the keep and the clan. 'Sebarim would serve valiantly during the war, but would ultimately abandon his post during the Great Schism and return to Suban to reunite with the House of Malaston. However, as the Sangheili people descended into civil war, 'Sebarim looked to find a new purpose.[1]

Banished service[edit]

The Jiralhanae warmaster Atriox, who did not discriminate against any species so long as they were skilled, offered 'Sebarim a chance to join forces with the Banished.[1] Despite the greater feud between their species, the clan—now known as the Warriors of Malaston—joined the mercenary organization, an act frowned upon in Sangheili society.[2] 'Sebarim would lead the clan into battle under the Banished's flag, making a name for himself during the Battle of Harrow where he led a siege on the city of Adruvon that resulted in over 700,000 civilian casualties.[1]

The Warriors of Malaston participated in the Installation 07 conflict in 2560,[1] where their leader, Thav 'Sebarim, was killed by Spartan-II John-117.[3]

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