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Thav 'Sebarim
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During or after May 28, 2560[2]

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Killed in battle by John-117[2]

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Thav 'Sebarim was a Sangheili Bloodstar[3] and the Kaidon of the Keep of Malaston. After the Human-Covenant War, he and his clan served the Banished.[1] During the Installation 07 conflict in 2560, 'Sebarim was killed by John-117.[2]


Kaidon of the Covenant

Thav 'Sebarim was born and raised at the Keep of Malaston on Suban, one of the moons of Sanghelios, eventually becoming the kaidon of the keep and his clan. During the Human-Covenant War, 'Sebarim served in the Covenant military and was a leading commander during the strikes against Reach, Earth and Luna in the final months of the war. When the San'Shyuum betrayed the Sangheili with the Jiralhanae-led Covenant in late 2552, he abandoned his station within the Covenant and fled back to his keep on Suban to reunite with his clan. As the Sangheili descended into a cycle of civil war, 'Sebarim and Atriox struck a deal and joined forces. Unlike most Jiralhanae, the Banished did not discriminate against Sangheili warriors so long as they were skilled.[1]

Banished service

While in service of the Banished, Thav 'Sebarim had become infamous for his actions during the Battle of Harrow, where he led a siege of the city of Adruvon that resulted in the deaths of over 700,000 human civilians.[1] At some point, 'Sebarim was inducted into the Bloodstars, an elite special warfare unit that the Banished had appropriated from the Covenant.[3]

'Sebarim later participated in the Banished occupation of Installation 07 in 2560, operating within the First Lance in the Second Combat Element of the Warriors of Malaston.[1] He commanded the Redoubt of Sundering,[4] where he oversaw the processing and culling of UNSC prisoners of war before sending them to Chak 'Lok's Tower.[5][6] 'Sebarim was assisted by a Banished human who inspected newly-arrived prisoners and determined which ones should be kept alive.[7]

While stationed on the ring, Thav 'Sebarim led several excursions into the installation's substructures. On one such mission, he found and claimed a modified Sentinel beam for his personal use. While much like the weapons incorporated into Aggressor Sentinels, it disintegrated its targets incredibly quickly and thoroughly, as if they had been totally removed from existence.[3]

Shortly following Tremonius' successful attack on the crash site of the UNSC Mortal Reverie in late January and early February 2560, the Redoubt of Sundering did not have any more room to store captives. Following a hunt for human survivors that 'Sebarim had personally participated in, one of his Enforcers informed him that the inspector had sent word that the Redoubt of Sundering was full. As 'Sebarim's hunting party had collected six humans who could now not be taken there, the kaidon intended to incinerate them with his modified Sentinel beam.[3]

Later in the conflict, while Thav 'Sebarim was away from the outpost, his location was discovered by the Weapon, who passed this information on to Spartan-II John-117. After hunting him down, the Spartan killed both 'Sebarim and those accompanying him.[2]


During the Installation 07 conflict, 'Sebarim wore a maroon-colored Ultra harness and carried a modified Sentinel beam called the Arcane Sentinel Beam.[1] He was also known to operate a Riuctda Workshop Ghost during battle.[2]

In-game information

Halo Infinite

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Target dossier

Thav 'Sebarim
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Kaidon Thav 'Sebarim was one of the leading Covenant commanders in their final strikes against Earth and its colonies on Reach and Luna. He abandoned his station after the Prophets betraying the Elites, and fled back to his homeworld of Suban to be reunited with their kin at the Keep of Malaston. As the Sangheili people descended into a vicious cycle of civil war, the kaidon joined forces with Atriox, as the Banished did not discriminate against Sangheili warriors, so long as they were skilled. 'Sebarim has become infamous for his actions in the Battle of Harrow, where his siege of the city of Adruvon resulted in the deaths of over 700,000 human civilians.
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Weapon: Arcane Sentinel Beam


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