Malaston keep

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Malaston keep, also known as the Keep of Malaston, is a Sangheili keep on Suban, one of the moons of Sanghelios.[1]


Home to the House of Malaston, the clan's keep was formerly headed by Kaidon Thav 'Sebarim. In the wake of the Great Schism, 'Sebarim fled home to Suban to reunite with his fellow kin at the Keep of Malaston. As the Sangheili descended into a cycle of civil war, 'Sebarim allied himself with Atriox and lent the strength of his keep's warriors to the Banished.[1] In 2560, the Warriors of Malaston participated in the Installation 07 conflict. Kaidon Thav 'Sebarim's leadership came to end when he was killed by Spartan-II John-117.[2]

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