Annex Ridge

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Annex Ridge
Another view of the Annex Ridge outpost


Halo Infinite




On or after May 28, 2560[1]


Annex Ridge, Installation 07


  • Investigate the base
  • Disable the transport
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Annex Ridge is an optional side mission in the Halo Infinite campaign. It is part of the Reformation section of the campaign. Completing it earns the player 100 points of valor.


The Master Chief investigates a Forerunner signal coming from a Banished outpost called Annex Ridge. After discovering the Banished are using the base to transport Forerunner artifacts for further study, he proceeds to disable the facility in order to halt the Banished's research efforts on the Ring.


Banished forces at Annex Ridge.

The Chief approaches Annex Ridge.

  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Incoming transport on schedule. Secure the landing pad."
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Data reconstruction incomplete. Escharum demands results!"
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Handle the artifacts with care - they are worthless if damaged!"

If an adjacent FOB has been recaptured:

  • Weapon: "That's Annex Ridge - a research outpost. And judging by the strong Forerunner signals I'm picking up, a pretty successful one. What do you think they found up there?"
  • John-117: "Let's find out."

If an adjacent FOB has not been recaptured yet:

  • Weapon: "Chief, I'm detecting a strong signal emanating from that Banished base. It's Forerunner... looks like another Ring artifact."
  • John-117: "In a Banished base. That's not good. Let's move."

The Chief enters the Base and engages the guards.

  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Annex Ridge is under attack! Security teams to central loading! Secure all artifacts! Defend the transport! KILL THE SPARTAN!"

The Chief fights his way deeper into the base and finds the artifact that the Weapon detected.

  • Weapon: "As expected: it's another Ring totem. That's the source of the signal. Looks like the Banished are trying to transport it offsite... They must have plans for it. Possibly research."

If the none of the Ring artifacts have been scanned yet:

  • Weapon: "Wow. Look at that. Some kind of monument, maybe? Whatever it is, it's definitely Forerunner. Looks like they're trying to transport it offsite... The Banished may be using it for research."

  • John-117: "Can't let that happen. We need to take this operation offline."
  • Weapon: "Agreed. We need a weakness to exploit - and for that, we need access to the outpost's systems. Get me to that control console."

The control console is marked on the Chief's HUD.

  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Reinforcements! Defend Annex Ridge!"

The Chief enters a tunnel, leading to an underground section of the base. After fighting his way past the Banished troops inside, he finds a gravity lift and uses it to enter the base's command center. He eliminates the Banished personnel inside, then accesses the control console at a Holotank. There are also some imprisoned Marines on the upper level that he can free.

  • Weapon: "Got something: a high-capacity fuel silo's currently refueling their transport. If we destroy it, it'll take the transport along with it - and bring this operation to a halt. I've enabled a system-wide security lift. Find a way to raise the silo."

The Chief heads back outside.

  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "The Spartan's breached our systems - security throughout the Ridge is offline!"
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Backup inbound! Protect the transport!"

A Banished Phantom drops off enemy reinforcements. The Chief deals with them, then enters another structure, where he locates the silo controls. He proceeds to raise the fuel silo.

  • Weapon: "The silos are raised. Now for the fireworks."
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Fuel silo exposed! Attempting retraction- (growls) I'm locked out!"

The Chief destroys the fuel silo. The subsequent chain reaction destroys the transport next to it.

  • Weapon: "The station's powering down and that transport is toast. Escharum's research efforts on these artifacts just ground to a halt. For all he's learned about this Ring... total control is still out of his reach. We've got to keep it that way."

If House of Reckoning has been completed:

  • Weapon: "The station's powering down and that transport is toast. Banished research efforts on these artifacts just ground to a halt. Nice work, Chief."

Mission is completed.