Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Outpost/11

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>> Hijacking a siege-hauler, huh? Spartans Jaide and Rosado seem to have a handle on things, but I've been unable to establish comms with JAEGER. Their most recent ping was definitely from this location, but beyond that, the trail goes cold.

  • Spartan Jaide: I completed a perimeter circuit around that cliffside outpost. We confirmed the presence of Forerunner tech — those same ring-shaped artifacts we've seen elsewhere. the Banished are studying them. Harvesting samples. Sending them to god knows where. Spartan Rosado and I were curious where they were going, so we... kinda-sorta hijacked the Banished transport they've been loading up. Autopilot's taking us away from the ridge, to an unknown destination. Soon as we know where these samples are headed... what Escharum wants with them... we'll let you know.