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Kate Stalling
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March 4, 2560[1]

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Kate Stalling, also known as JAEGER, was an operative from the Office of Naval Intelligence asset recovery team.[1]


Zeta Halo project[edit]

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Kate Stalling was a member of the second exploratory expedition force sent from the United Nations Space Command to Installation 07 circa 2558. As a part of the Zeta Halo project, Stalling's mission was to retrieve Forerunner artifacts of critical importance. Her research on the ring led to the discovery of the Conspectus network hubs, the ring's data storehouse that contained its system protocols, event logs, as well as systems for maintenance, communications, and defense.[1]

Battle for Zeta Halo[edit]

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On December 12, 2559, the Banished launched an assault on Installation 07.[2] At some point in the battle, Stalling was captured by the Banished,[1] likely near Annex Ridge, leaving her unable to respond to communications from Codename: POINTER.[3] For months, her captors, the Sangheili Blademaster Jega 'Rdomnai and the Jiralhanae Bloodstar Gorian, tortured Stalling. They stole her research, hoping to take control of the ring's defensive systems. Stalling was taken to multiple excavation sites in search of the Conspectus network hubs, but eventually she was abandoned in a cave at an excavation site. Unable to move due to her broken legs, Stalling drew a map to a Conspectus network hub on the cave wall.[1]

On March 4, 2560, Stalling’s mutilated form was discovered by Spartan-IV Tomas Horvath of Fireteam Intrepid from UNSC Infinity. The Spartan was tracking Gorian’s activity on the ring before his personal AI detected Stalling's life signature. Stalling told Horvath of the Conspectus network and the names of her captors, including Gorian, who Horvath had met earlier in the battle. Although Horvath initially refused to perform a mercy kill on her, Stalling insisted and was eventually given one of Horvath's M6 sidearm. Horvath helped Stalling hold the pistol to her chin, and she waited for him to leave the cave before pulling the trigger. Afterwards, Horvath returned to record the map and carried Stalling's body out of the cave. The Spartan buried her in a place overlooking a body of water. Horvath vowed to locate the Conspectus network hub and send the ring's location to the UNSC, so Stalling's sacrifice would not be in vain.[1]

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