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M6G handguns being produced by Misriah Armory on Mars.

"The M6 has been in service for about a hundred and forty years… it’s amazing to think how little it has changed in all that time."
— Anonymous UNSC serviceman[1]

The M6 Personal Defense Weapon System is a series of pistols produced by Misriah Armory.[2][3][4] Common slang terms for the M6 series handguns include go-mag, hand cannon, power drill, HE pistol, and heavy pistol.[5][3]


"The longevity of the M6 has always been more about pork barrels and Slipspace travel than reliability or the so-called brilliance of its design."
— Anonymous UNSC serviceman[1]

The M6 series have seen major widespread distribution through the UNSC Armed Forces as lighter firearms, although they are not always seen as primary weapons, because of their lighter penetrating power. They have seen usage in the UNSC since 2414.[6][1][2][4][6] Starting in 2555, the M6H has taken prominence over other variants and has been designated the standard side arm of all UNSC branches.[4]

Design details[edit]

"The M6 is either the world’s biggest pistol or the world’s smallest rifle — I’m not sure which."
— Unknown UNSC serviceman[1]

The M6 series weapons are recoil-operated and magazine-fed, and typically fire 12.7×40mm projectile ammunition, and despite the large caliber, oftentimes "exotic" ammunition is not utilized. They are also remarkably large and overpowered to an extent, appearing to be redolent of a cross between a pistol and a rifle in size. In addition to power, the M6 line of weaponry is designed to be exceedingly rugged and reliable, and the guns are able to remain operational after Slipspace transitions and high-g aerial maneuvers, as well as the rigors sustained during standard combat. However, the heavy weight limits its distribution amongst personnel, and the M6 weapons have a tendency to drop casings on the wielder's foot,[1] leading some UNSC personnel to favor the M7 SMG, which operates on a caseless system.

"It’s strange. Normally a big bore means access to a greater variety of exotic munitions, but we just don’t see that variety in the field."
— Unknown UNSC serviceman[1]

They have remained remarkably unchanged during their decades of service, although there are a large number of variants. The M6 series handguns are issued in three different finishes: hard chrome, black polymer, and electroless nickel.[1][4] Some variants of the M6 series have been 'up-sized' to approximately 117% their normal size to better facilitate use by Spartans.[3]


The M6H2 (left) and the M6D (right).

"The M6 has been around forever; the number of variants and configurations is dizzying... have you ever seen an M6J(C) — the Army’s carbine variant?"
— Unknown UNSC serviceman[1]

"The A's and B's are way more comfortable to shoot, but you don’t see many of them outside of civilian security forces anymore."
— Anonymous UNSC serviceman[1]


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