Narq-dart pistol

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Narq-dart pistol
Production overview


Non-lethal pistol



10 inches (25 cm)[1]


5 pounds (2.3 kg)[1]

Ammunition type:

5mm caliber[1]

Feed system:

12 round magazine[1]

Effective range:

20 metres (66 ft)[1]

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The Narq-dart pistol is a non-lethal United Nations Space Command ground firearm often used in recruit training.[1]


The weapon was used by the Spartan-IIs during their training on Reach in 2523. The pistol was issued to the Spartan-IIs by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez when they were fighting Tango Company in capture the flag matches.[2] The rounds have been known to be fatal when shot in the temple or eye; as such, a significant amount of safety must be maintained when the rounds are in use.[1]

The weapon uses compressed air to fire a Narq-dart capsule. The effective range is roughly 20 meters (60 feet), and on impact, it could "drop a rhino in its tracks". Fhajad-084 modified Linda-058's sniper rifle rounds with the Narq-dart capsules, replacing the tip of her sniper rifle's ammunition with the capsules.[3]

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