M6H2 magnum

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M6H2 magnum
Production overview


Misriah Armory[1]

Model series:

M6 series


Magnum caliber pistol



14.4 inches (37 cm)[1]

Ammunition type:

12.7×40mm M225 Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Explosive[1]

Feed system:

12-round detachable box magazine[2][1]


Recoil-operated, magazine-fed[3]

Rate of fire:

~240 RPM


The M6H2 Personal Defense Weapon (M6H PDWS) is a variant of the M6H magnum of the M6 series of handguns and was issued to all branches of the UNSC.[3][1]


An unloaded M6H2 with its smart link module detached. Note the gas piston and bolt head.

Design details[edit]

The M6H2 is considered a modernized variant of the M6.[4] It sports a black polymer finish. Like the base M6H, the M6H2 is semi-automatic, recoil-operated and magazine-fed,[3][1] but has an increased 12-round magazine capacity.[2][1] The variant also boasts increased accuracy and is most effective with precision aiming.[3] It features a smoother slide design and a Projection sight (in place of the venerable KFA-2 x2) to support smart scope functionality.[2] The M6H2 also features a protective metamaterial coating, which is shared with the MA5D assault rifle.[5]

The M6H2 also has a relatively affordable production cost[1] and has a serial number of "00MA0100062473".[6]


The M6H2 entered service by at least 2526[7] and would be the dominant Magnum in use by all UNSC branches in the year after the Human-Covenant War.[1] In 2557, this weapon had a Ruptive skin approved by the UNSC Ordnance Commission.[8]


The M6H2 saw use by Rion Forge preceding the Created uprising[9] and both Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team during the early portions of it, such as at the Battle of Kamchatka and Operation: BIRD IN HAND.[10][11]


  • Whispered Truth: A cut-down M6H2 magnum without a smart scope system, under-barrel flashlight, or forward trigger guard. It also has a custom slide and can mount a suppressor. This variant sports a 18-round magazine. Unlike other pistols Whispered Truth fires in three-round bursts. The slide reads "Semper Vigilans" (Always Vigilant), the motto of the Office of Naval Intelligence.
  • Gunfighter Magnum: Lightweight competition version of the M6H2.[12]
  • Tactical Magnum: A variant with integral baffle-free suppressor, 2× full-VISR Smart-Link, and loaded with armor-piercing rounds. This version is tailored for Spartan force reconnaissance missions.[13]
  • Buck's Magnum: A Magnum with the Gunfighter body, Whispered Truth finish, and a front iron sight that is seen on the Projection Sight, appearing to have been attached separately.

M6H2 attachments[edit]

  • Extended Magazine: Increases both ready and reserve ammunition capacity by 50%.


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  • In Halo 5: Guardians, Spartans now wield the handgun with a more realistic "thumbs forward" combat grip, as opposed to the classic "teacup" grip seen in Halo 2 through Halo 4.



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