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The UNSC Ordnance Commission,[1] also referred to as the UNSC Ordnance Committee, is a branch of the UNSC High Command.[2]



The Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor was presented to the commission in late 2536 by RKD Group, a think-tank on Earth.


Before and during the Fall of Reach, many of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor suits employed saw continual refinement and upgrades as a part of the Ordnance Committee's commitment to rapid spiral development.[3]


This Ordnance Commission, formally dubbed the Damascus Ordnance Commission, was held at the Damascus Materials Testing Facility on Chi Ceti IV in May 2553.[4] This commission event was headed by the major armor defense companies and sponsored by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Companies such as Lethbridge Industrial, Hannibal Weapon Systems, and Acheron Security were all contracted to mass-produce and refine GEN2 armor systems in response to the growing success of the newly-formed Spartan Operations branch of the United Nations Space Command armed forces.[5]

In response the following things happened:

After the roll-out of the first GEN2 Mjolnir systems battle-proven Mk. IV and Mk. V variants were considered for reassessment by the Committee, at the request of veteran Spartan-II and Spartan-III operatives. This resulted in the creation of the INTRUDER, VIGILANT, WRATH, and INDOMITABLE variants of GEN2 Mjolnir armor.[3]


The Ruptive skin for the M395 DMR, MA5D assault rifle, BR85 battle rifle, M20 PDW, and M6H2 magnum was approved by the commission in 2557.


The Hybrid sight configuration of BR85N battle rifle favoured by Joint Task Force Sierra was undergoing evaluation by the Ordnance Commission in this year.[6]

Unknown year[edit]

ARGONAUT-class Mjolnir was proposed, and if it cleared the committees approval loops it would be able to accept next-generation Block 10 Interface Controller hardware.[7]

Ordnance Commission approval levels[edit]

Several levels exist that help maintain the use of equipment for several risks. A level 4 Ordnance commission approval may be given if piece of equipment is expensive.[4]

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