Unified Combined Military Boot Camp

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Unified Combined Military Boot Camp (UCMB) is the joint service recruit training program for enlisted recruits of the UNSC Armed Forces.[1]


All recruits are given a pay grade of E-1 while they attend boot camp. Upon graduation, they are promoted to an E-2 rank and are given their initial assignment.[2]

To graduate, all recruits are to complete the requisite physical tests and not display any mental aberrations. The Combined Physical Skill Test (CPST) evaluated a recruit's physical fitness, while the Combined Arms Skill Test (CAST) assessed their proficiency with firearms. Recruits also received a Gratney-Walis Hierarchical Aptitude Score (GWAS) which analyzed their command potential.[1] Recruits are also training in vehicle maintenance and off-road driving skills.[3]

Following graduation from UCMB a recruit may be required to complete additional training; for example, UNSC Navy recruits require six additional weeks of vacuum and microgravity training.[1]


The Armed Forces maintains numerous boot camps on Earth and Reach,[4] one such facility on Earth being UCMB Sierra Largo.[1] The Unified Combined Military Boot Camp also maintains a facility on Cyrus VII.[5]

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