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Judge Advocate General's Corps


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The UNSC Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG Corps) is the legal branch of the United Nations Space Command,[2] headed by a Judge Advocate General. The Judge Advocate General's Corps is charged with enforcing the Uniform Code of Military Justice.[1] JAG officers serve as legal advisors to the UNSC Armed Forces and investigate crimes involving UNSC personnel;[2] they also serve in courts-martial and on boards of inquiry.[3]


Captain Maria Gilliam was an officer of the Judge Advocate General Corp's, serving in 2492 as the resident JAG officer at the Luna OCS Academy. She sat in on the board of inquiry to investigate the series of events that led to the impregnation of Admiral Konrad Volkov's daughter Inna. Preston Cole was one of the questioned cadets.[3]

After Lieutenant Commander Amalea Petrov was left stranded on the desolate world of Netherop by the "Castoffs" in 2526, the Judge Advocate General's Corps opened a court of inquiry to investigate. Lieutenant J. Stone represented the interests of Petrov, while Lieutenant Commander B. Nett represented the young Castoffs who claimed that Petrov chose to be left behind on Netherop. The inequality in the ranks of the two JAG officers indicated that Vice Admiral Cole had intentionally favored the Castoffs over Petrov. Ultimately, the court of inquiry was closed in favor of the Castoffs.[4]

During Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE in 2553, JAG officer Major Ira Halal was sent to investigate a series of murders on Gao and to ensure that anti-Unified Earth Government radicals on the planet did not plant false evidence on the crime scenes to frame the UNSC for the murders.[2][5]

JAG protocols[edit]

  • JAG 4465/LHG, authorizes punishment for violation of code-word classification confidentiality.[6]
  • JAG 490-0UU, requires special-circumstance recipients of highly-classified material to be searched of any undeclared devices beforehand.[7]
  • JAG 7556-L, authorized the punishment of offenders who committed treason and violated the Cole Protocol.[8][9]
  • JAG 845-P, authorized the punishment of offenders who committed treason and violated the Cole Protocol.[8][9]
  • MIL JAG Order TR-19428-P, allowing the command of a ship to be transfered to the lead officer.[3]
  • UNSC-JAG ORD: 8-PD-3861, used to seal the file of Preston Cole's testimony before a Board of Inquiry in 2492.[3]

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