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Judge Advocate General's Corps


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The UNSC Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG Corps)[2] is the legal branch of the United Nations Space Command, headed by a Judge Advocate General. The Judge Advocate General's Corps is charged with enforcing the Uniform Code of Military Justice.[1] JAG officers serve as legal advisors to UNSC military units and investigate crimes involving UNSC personnel;[2] they also serve in courts-martial and on boards of inquiry.[3]

Among the other responsibilities of the JAG Corps is the issuing of various protocols that stipulate punishments for offenses.[4] Some of these punishments can be quite draconian. The JAG 845-P protocol authorizes the imprisonment for life or execution without a proper trial of offenders who commit treason or violate the Cole Protocol.[5]

Captain Maria Gilliam was an officer of the Judge Advocate General Corp's, serving on a board of inquiry in 2492 as the resident JAG officer at the Luna OCS Academy.[3] During Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE in 2553, JAG officer Major Ira Halal was sent to investigate a series of murders on Gao and to ensure that anti-Unified Earth Government radicals on the planet did not plant false evidence on the crime scenes to frame the UNSC for the murders.[2][6]

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