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Lieutenant Commander Amalea Petrov is a commissioned officer in the Prowler Corps of the UNSC Navy, and the former-captain of the UNSC Night Watch - a Razor-class prowler active in the early years of the Human-Covenant War.[3] In June 2526, Petrov was tasked with leading her prowler as part of a mission to Netherop to salvage the downed Covenant frigate Steadfast Strike. During the battle, she became stranded on Netherop alongside a faction of Sangheili troops led by ex-Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee, resulting in her leading a low-intensity guerrilla conflict against the Sangheili on Netherop for thirty-three years.


Service in the Human-Covenant War[edit]

In late April of 2526,[Note 1] Petrov held the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Navy and was assigned as the superior officer for Blue Team, a unit of SPARTAN-II commandos, after their escape aboard the prowler during the battle of Zhoist. At this time, UNSC Night Watch was intended to serve as Blue Team's mobile base of operations, with Petrov acting as their mission commander and superior officer while they were aboard her ship. Despite this, she frequently overstepped her bounds, acting as the Spartans' commander even when they were deployed on-mission. In early June of that year, she and her charge were tasked with partaking in the Battle of Mesra, with the prowler intended to stay in orbit around Mesra and remain undetected by potential Covenant fleet units. Despite this, she readily broke communications silence midway through the battle after being informed by Vice Admiral Preston Cole of a new breakthrough in the war that required immediate exfiltration of Blue Team: a task force of Halberd-class light destroyers had taken on a Covenant frigate and successfully disabled it, resulting in the frigate crash-landing on Netherop's surface. The Night Watch and Blue Team were reassigned to assist in recovery operations on this spacecraft, overriding any objectives they currently held on Mesra.[1]

Even despite being scolded by both John-117 and the 24th Marine Engineering Brigade's CO, Brigadier General Artur Pahlavi, Petrov remained resolute in her commitment to breaking her silence - with John noting that he could practically hear her smirk upon relaying Vice Admiral Cole's orders. As such, she informed Blue Team that her prowler would be on the ground in fourteen minutes to exfiltrate them and that they were ordered to be there - even if it meant abandoning their current defensive posts. Blue Team ignored this directive, attempting to finish current objective before meeting Petrov at the landing zone nineteen minutes later - resulting in Petrov's bitter retort to the team for both delaying their exfiltration and failing to stop the advance of the Covenant armoured column. Due to the delay, Night Watch's window for exiting Mesra's orbit undetected had closed, meaning Petrov had to improvise - with the intent of using the 24th MEB's evacuation transports as a cover to allow Night Watch to slip away unnoticed.[1]

Upon arriving at Netherop two days later, Petrov wasted no time in jump-starting the recovery mission. While standard prowler doctrine would dictate a ship to lie in orbit for several hours conducting passive reconnaissance, Petrov instead attempted to hurry the mission along by deploying one of Night Watch's D75-TC/r Pelicans to Netherop directly - resulting in the Pelican being destroyed by one of the hidden intrusion corvettes of the Flotilla of Unsung Piety. Unbeknownst to Petrov and the prowler crew, the downed Covenant frigate was a trap set into motion by Nizat 'Kvarosee in an attempt to exact revenge on the Spartans for their victory at Zhoist; his corvettes were hanging in orbit over Netherop with the intent of intercepting the Spartans and killing them. As such, Petrov was forced to resort to directly lowering Night Watch into Netherop's atmosphere with the intent of directly deploying the Spartans to the recovery site so that they could begin clearing out the downed frigate of hostiles. However, the ship took heavy anti-aircraft fire on descent, resulting in its crash-landing on Netherop sixty kilometres from the target LZ.[4]

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