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Artur Pahlavi
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Brigadier General Artur Pahlavi was a commissioned officer in the UNSC Marine Corps, and the commanding officer of the 24th Marine Engineering Brigade. During his command of the 24th, Pahlavi held the callsign of "Brigade Actual".[1]


In mid-2526, Pahlavi held the rank of Brigadier General in the Marine Corps. In late-May of that year, he was in command of the 24th Marine Engineering Brigade; a brigade of combat engineers deployed onto the colony world of Mesra to perform critical asset-denial operations against the Covenant. By June 8th, he and the rest of the brigade were stationed in the Doukala Xenotime Works for the final demolitions operation. Throughout the fighting, he kept a close watch on the actions of Blue Team and the Militia of Mesra as they fought to stop a Covenant advance across the Nasim Bridge.[1] Ultimately, the defense failed, and Pahlavi ordered a general evacuation of the brigade. With the planet's orbital space crowded by Covenant capital ships and strikecraft, it is likely that the lightly-armoured transport craft the brigade had were destroyed.[2]

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