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"Broadly speaking, sappers are equally at home building things as they are blowing them up."
Halo: Reach Armory description - Assault/Sapper

Combat engineers, also referred to as sappers[1] are specialized UNSC servicemen that perform construction and demolition tasks during combat.


Combat engineers are personnel who are tasked with construction of allied fortifications and demolition of enemy emplacements.[2] A number of dedicated MJOLNIR powered armor suits are designed for, and available for the use of combat engineering including the Technician, Indomitable, the synonymously-named Engineer and the OSTEO. The Assault/Sapper armor accessory is additionally available for Spartans as an attachment to their armor.[1] The ODST/DEMO armor set is also available for ODST combat engineers.[3]


A UNSC combat engineer (left) and a Jiralhanae Chieftain.

Early in the Human-Covenant War, the 24th Marine Engineering Brigade were deployed onto Mesra to perform a number of critical asset-denial operations on the planet's xenotime mines.[4]

During the Fall of Reach, Spartan Emile-A239 employed the Assault/Sapper armor accessory for his B-class Mjolnir.[1]

During the Battle of Draetheus V in 2555, UNSC combat engineers assisted Spartan Edward Davis in destroying a Forerunner structure on the moon of X50.[5][6][7] Several engineers would be deployed on Draetheus V itself.[8]

Known units[edit]

UNSC Army[edit]

Combat engineering units within the UNSC Army are structured under the UNSC Army Corps of Engineers.

UNSC Marine Corps[edit]

UNSC Marine combat engineers are structured within the UNSC Marine Corps of Engineers.

Known personnel[edit]

UNSC Army[edit]

UNSC Marine Corps[edit]


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