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An example of a pre-mission loading screen quote.

This is a list of quotes shown in the pre-mission loading screens of Halo: Spartan Assault, some acting as gameplay tips while others provide backstory for the events of the game.

Pre-game quotes[edit]


"Remember, Spartan. A lot less ammo will go to waste if you aim with the right stick while firing."

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation."
— Lieutenant Jon S. Cole, quoting Aristotle

"Brute Chieftains fight as barbaric as they look, one hit from that hammer and you ended up a puddle of bones and blood."
— Private Aaron Landvik

"Nothing better for flushing something out of cover than a grenade."
— Lieutenant Abbi Strand

"The colony was as broken as our morale, but we had to fight on. We knew the Spartans wouldn't leave us with our backs against the wall."
— Sergeant Albert Sessa

"Nearly a third of our battalion was lost on that bridge that day. The enemy artillery was simple too much for us..."
— Private Alexandra Tran[1]

"What happened between Commander Palmer and Merg Vol that day remains a mystery. We were just overjoyed when we saw her coming back to the Phantom; the realization that that was it. It was done."
— Private Amber Penzak

"The Forerunner transmission was screwing up everything with a connection to the comm relays. My Hornet handled like a bug in a thunderstorm."
— Private Andy Dimotta

"Our vector was displayed by two klicks west. We knew something was wrong when our sensors displayed frantic Covenant activity in our direct landing zone."
— Lieutenant Benjamin Wallace

"Elites can dodge just about anything you shoot their way. Luckily, seeker drones don't care much for gymnastics."
— Private Jamie O'Neal

"Our sergeant had been a tracker. He led us through those ice ravines, like we were on a hiking trip. Kept saying. 'Just a little further!'"
— Sergeant Tom Winter

"If you could get a hold of a Anskum-pattern plasma grenade, you could stick it to just about anything. Including a Grunt's forehead. Boom!"
— Lieutenant Stefan Morris[2]

"The flight into the airbase was a sight I will never forget... the ground was littered with destroyed Zurdo-pattern Wraiths. What she did that day was truly amazing."
— Private Victor Quintana

"Knew a guy who'd get 3 or 4 kills with a single sniper bullet. Asked him the trick. He said, "ask 'em real nice to stand in a straight line."
— Private John Rosenfeld

"It felt weird to see these Covenant ships as our only lifeline. My whole career, they've meant death. Now they mean salvation."
— Private Tom Siskino

"The maze of rocks were a perfect ambush location. Likes ghosts we haunted them, slowly gnawing at their moral."
— Private Nick Rhee

"I lost two of my best friends that day. Woulda lost a whole lot more getting off that planet if it weren't for Spartan Palmer."
— Private Gerry Payne

"Those little yelping Grunts kept throwing themselves at our positions. They kept on coming like water through a busted damn."
— Private Peter Zhou

"The technology was alien, the time was limited and the resistance was thick. That we managed to do it all in five minutes is a tiny miracle."
— Private Guy Amjad

"There were these big damn plants, like tentacles. I swear, it was like the planet was fighting us, too."
— Lieutenant Caitlin de Sauveterre

"Killing Elites is like peeling an onion. You blast through the shields, then the armor, then the skin and bone. Alright... maybe not exactly like peeling an onion..."
— Sergeant Lindsay Asturias[3]

"Getting those Wolverines up there was like dragging elephants through quicksand."
— Lieutenant Patton Liao

"Rifle's a security blanket as much as it is a weapon. Knowing you can pull the trigger and it'll make a loud noise is comforting. But if you want results? You use a rocket launcher."
— Lieutenant Jim Nikolai

"The horizon was just purple and gold. Thousands of Covenant forces, far as the eye could see."
— Lieutenant Chandana Pasternack[4]

"The only way we could stop those suicide grunts was through sustained fire... slowing them down and hoping you were far enough away from the ensuring blast..."
— Private Samantha Hass

"The entire battle felt like a giant herd of elephants crashing into a giant herd of rhino, it was total chaos..."
— Private Edward Levesque

"Saw those Spartans use the Elite's tricks against 'em. Turn on the active camouflage, get all invisible, and stab them right between the ribs."
— Private Eric Salucci

"I'm a sniper, right? I'll take a target out before they even know I'm there. But the Stealth Elites? They might be even sneakier than me."
— Private Molly Markozi

"I still have nightmares about the Stealth Elites... they would come out of nowhere. You had to look very, very closely; you could see the air move just before they jump you. But then it was usually already too late..."
— Private Roger Alfarsi[5]

"The Spartans were using hologram decoys and confusing the hell outta those Grunts. Never seen anything so funny."
— Lieutenant Elizabeth Kwan[6]

"Those Spartans must have shields, right? I saw a Brute hit her so hard she shoulda crumpled like tissue paper."
— Private Harold Amundsen[7]

"Marines called them Spirits because they were death reincarnate. They'd come out of nowhere, without a word, and just start dropping Covies in our front yard."
— Lieutenant Tara Nguyen[8]

"Having survived the landing, I was stuck on a narrow ledge surrounded by Covenant. Spartan Davis helped me cheat death a second time that day."
— Private Charlie Sultan

"I got to use the Spartan Laser once. Heh. I bet there ain't a thing in the galaxy that it wouldn't cut right through."
— Private Christopher Olsen

"We had needed a victory before, but this one was different. This wasn't just defeat we were looking at, it was the death of every human being in the system."
— Lieutenant Sasha Wu

"Spartan Palmer's drop-shield gave us a chance to catch our breath and reload. Don't know what we'd have done without it."
— Captain Brad Falkenrath

"The dense trees didn't make it easy. Luckily, they hid us from the Covenant patrols. Quietly following them, we found our objective in mere hours."
— Private Paul Voclain

"Spartan Palmer told us to stay with the Phantom at all costs, as it was the only way off the planet. We heard the fighting, but we didn't want to know what was going on out there..."
— Lieutenant Henry Darzi

"Moving across X50's surface was darn near impossible. There were so many potholes and ridges, my spine felt like it wanted to snap."
— Sergeant Ramone Dakota

"Minutes before we had been under siege. Now the Covenant soldiers were fleeing. It was still a long way from victory."
— Lieutenant Han Quigley

"We had fought so hard for those bridges. Now, we couldn't leave them behind us fast enough."
— Corporal Craig Prinz

"We saw Spartan Palmer enter the lion's den from the ship's bridge. Before we knew it, all hell broke lose..."
— Private Kelly Tremblay

"Saw a Spartan with an Overshield walk through crossfire that would have dismantled a tank."
— Private Dave Moriarty

"Covenant soldiers started swarming the landing zone the moment they realized what we were up to. We'd poked the hornets' nest."
— Private Matt Salamanca

"Plasma pistols weren't the best, but if you charged the shot, you might get lucky and take out a shield in a single shot."
— Private Rob Petersen

"Some days a bullet or a ball of hot plasma just isn't enough. Sometimes you just gotta beat a target to death with the butt of your gun."
— Captain Nada Rand

"Incendiary grenades were great. Great for area of denial. Great for crispy Covenant. Great for starting a fire on a cold night..."
— Sergeant Mary Russo

"Growin' up, we were taught that a grizzly would eat ya alive if you gave 'em a chance. The Covies had to learn that lesson the hard way."
— Commander Richard Moe

Operation F: Hydra[edit]

"Our artillery came down on them like molten rain, and it was still barely enough to get the job done."
— Major Geraldine McNally

"30 years of war taught us using their own energy weapons against them would fry Elites' shields in seconds."
— Private Cole Bousaid

"The suicide Grunts... Good Lord... Your only hope against those things was a well-timed MJOLNIR overload. Stop 'em and pop 'em at range."
Kevin "The Ace" Grace

"You ever see a Spartan at full sprint? It's unreal. They're here -- then they're there, faster than anything."
— Lieutenant Scott Pham

"Everyone was reporting in lost, but Spartan Palmer always knew exactly where to go."
— Private Monica Ernst

Flood Missions[edit]

"When facing the Flood, your standard-issue assault rifle is pretty much the best all-purpose weapon you can carry."
— Spartan Bethany Kossup

"Machine pistols are sloppy, but when I need to fight Flood Infection forms, sloppy's the best thing on the menu."
— Private Lewis Allen, 1st Marine Division, UNSC Marines

"Standing inside or behind a Repel barrier is like having your own little private safety zone."
— Private First Class Nozomi Li, 15th Combat Engineer Battalion, UNSC Marines

"Empty a three-burst of a Battle Rifle into a Combat Form's head and down it goes - period. The hardest part is keeping the gun steady."
— Sergeant Harry Benton, 105th Mobile Infantry, UNSC Army

"Knowing that monster firing a Battle Rifle at you used to be Kevin from 2nd Platoon is just creepy. That could be me."
— Specialist Archibald Berger, 6th Airborne Division, UNSC Army

"Forerunner turrets turn your partner into a one-man heavy weapons squad, but make sure to find the charging plate to get the most bang for your buck."
— Sergeant Jackson Seaver, 82nd Infantry Regiment, UNSC Army

"MJOLNIR armor can easily withstand the impact of a single Explosion Form, but where there's one, there are usually hundreds."
— Captain Ekene Dyinlola, NAVSPECWAR, UNSC Marines

"The whole Teleport tech just seems like magic, man. I can get right back to my buddy when we get separated and it even works through doors... magic."
— Corporal Alesandro Aceves, 36th Light Armored Reconnaissance, UNSC Marines

"If an Infection Form jumps you, there'd better be someone around to shoot or punch it off. We're not talking about catching a cold here."
— Lieutenant Brendan Hale, 1st Infantry Division, UNSC Army

"Any jarhead can toss a grenade; it is an art to use the Grenade launcher's delayed explosions to create maximum destruction."
— Corporal Jennifer Regan, 5th Mechanized Infantry, UNSC Marines

"The beauty of the Regeneration Field is that its field of influence can extend to multiple operatives. It takes "the buddy system" to a whole new level."
— Doctor Sheila Nerrivik, special attaché to SPECWARCOM, UNSC Unified Ground Command

"The Shotgun tears through walking and crawling Flood alike. When you are up that close, you can deliver a shotgun blast with a smile."
— Staff Sergeant Lillian "Banshee" Bonelli, 22nd Infantry Division, UNSC Army

"That Flood's arm was like a slingshot. There were grenades raining everywhere."
— Private Hendal Baranshi, 10th Reconnaissance Division, UNSC Marines