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Edward Davis
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2554[1] (X50, Draetheus V)





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"Spartan Davis was my friend, and a damn good soldier. He deserves better than to be wiped out of our training records."
Spartan Sarah Palmer[2]

Edward Davis[3] was a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier who participated in the Battle of Draetheus V.


SPARTAN-IV program[edit]

Davis met Sarah Palmer during the Human-Covenant War. Their partnership developed and both were eventually among the first recruits to join the SPARTAN-IV program during the program's inaugural class.[4] Together they helped repel an Insurrectionist boarding attempt on Infinity prior to the Battle of Draetheus V.[3] When Ilsa Zane and a group of Insurrectionists took control of Infinity, Palmer and Davis were both on S-Deck, they chose their armor, Davis choosing a gold coloration of the Recruit variant. When Zane noticed this she decompressed S-deck. Davis realized if Zane saw them coming she would do the same to other decks, killing more of the ship's crew. Palmer and Davis decided to move along the outside of the ship, Davis regretting that they didn't have jetpacks, Palmer suggested they should ask next time. When they reached the outside of the bridge, Palmer ordered him to take out the other 4 Insurrectionists while she engaged Zane. Davis initially complained until Palmer reminded him of Zane's Spartan-IV augmentations. Before breaking through the window, he bet her he could take out his 4 targets before she took out Zane, Palmer agreed to the bet. After they retook the bridge, Davis gloated how he won the bet, Palmer replying that she would beat him next time.[5]

Battle of Draetheus V and death[edit]

In 2554,[1] he and Palmer were stationed on X50, Draetheus V's moon, when Merg Vol's Covenant launched an attack on the colony.[6] Despite the efforts of the UNSC forces, the Covenant managed to surpass them in less than an hour. Nonetheless, Davis decided to stay on X50 to try to stop the Covenant advance, while Palmer traveled to Draetheus V to warn the planet of the impending attack.

When Merg Vol discovered that X50 was actually a Forerunner artifact capable of destroying planets and used it on Draetheus V, the artifact left the planet unstable and on the verge of collapse. Davis, with the help of several Marines and a handful of technicians, was able to disable the device,[7] but they were soon overcome by Covenant forces.[8]

Although the details surrounding his final moments are unclear, Davis supposedly entered a cave system known as the Cistern, where he was killed. However, a sublimation device present in the caverns absorbed his remains and the final impressions of his personality into a Durance. Through this device, what was left of Davis' consciousness began calling Palmer for help through a powerful signal. Palmer later arrived in the core and deactivated the signal while the Durance housing Davis' impressions was recovered via Pelican.[2][9]


Davis wore the Recruit variant of the MJOLNIR GEN2 armor with a solid gold coloration.


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