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Story Shards are a choose your own adventure-style story for Fractures.

The Last Sky Marshal[edit]

The Last Sky Marshal is the first Story Shard in Halo Infinite.[1] Taking place in the Entrenched Fracture universe, it follows Commander Kolby's last mission on Luna. This Story Shard was five parts long, with parts 2 to 4 involving narrative routes chosen by the community.


Precipice is the second Story Shard in Halo Infinite. It features a canonical testimony from Sloan, a member of the Created, after Cortana's death on Installation 07, followed by a simulation in the Firewall Fracture universe that explores a series of hypothetical scenarios The Executor must undertake. This Story Shard was four parts long.


Duality is the third Story Shard in Halo Infinite and it takes place after the end of the Human-Covenant War, focusing in a Sangheili telling the tale of Fal 'Chavamee to a female human child. Unlike the other Shards, this Shard was released late in Season 04: Infection, on the Tenrai III Fracture event. This Story Shard was a single part long.