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Halo: Sunrise on Sanghelios

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Halo: Sunrise on Sanghelios is the third short story in the Halo Waypoint Chronicle series of shorts, written by Alex Wakeford.[1] The debut of the story was first teased at the Canon Fodder Live event on day one of the Halo World Championships 2023, with the story officially debuted in a live reading on the following day by Steve Downes, Keith David, and Jen Taylor - with Wakeford himself narrating the story between the actors' parts.[2] The story is scheduled to be released on Halo Waypoint in text form in a fashion similar to the other previous Waypoint Chronicles, alongside a clipped scene of the voice actors reading their lines.[3]

The short story is set immediately following the final cutscene of Halo 5: Guardians, and depicts the discussion between John-117, Thel 'Vadam, and Catherine Halsey following the game's events, with the live debut featuring all three characters' voice actors reprising their roles from the Halo games to depict them.[2] The scene is itself a fleshing out of the early chapters of the novel Halo: Bad Blood, in which the novel's protagonist Edward Buck had mentioned the trio convening for a brief conversation—though the details of such had been left out of the novel.

Official synopsis[edit]

October 2558. Cortana has awakened countless Guardian custodes, ancient Forerunner constructs she intends to use to enforce an imperial peace on the peoples of the galaxy.

After Fireteam Osiris rescues the Master Chief and Blue Team from the renegade artificial intelligence’s clutches, the Spartans return to Sanghelios. As they await the arrival of the UNSC Infinity, two legendary heroes recount all that has transpired in the years since their last meeting....[4]

Plot summary[edit]

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