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Merg Vol
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2554[1] (X50, Draetheus V)





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Commander of Covenant forces during the Battle of Draetheus V


Merg Vol was a Sangheili Zealot and leader of one of the reformed factions of the Covenant that continued fighting against the UNSC after the end of the Human-Covenant War. He initiated the Battle of Draetheus V, one of the first human-Covenant engagements in the wake of the war.[2]


Draetheus V[edit]

Main article: Battle of Draetheus V

Following the Human-Covenant War, and the Covenant's dissolution, Vol created and led a reformed Covenant faction. In 2554,[1] Merg Vol led a large-scale attack on the human colony of Draetheus V and its moon X50, searching for Forerunner artifacts.[2] After seizing the moon, which was in fact a Forerunner device, he activated the artifact and directed it on Draetheus V in order to disassemble the planet and destroy the UNSC forces there.[3]


At the end of the battle, the UNSC ordered Spartan Sarah Palmer to eliminate Merg Vol. She confronted the Sangheili on X50, where he was supported by a large amount of Kig-Yar. After a fierce battle, Palmer was able to defeat Vol and executed him with her M6H magnum sidearm.[4] Following his death, elements of Merg Vol's group joined Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, including Parg Vol,[5] though he was assassinated by Fireteam Crimson in February 2558 during the Requiem Campaign.[6]


Merg Vol appears as the final boss fight of Operation E mission 5. Until the release of Operation F: Hydra, this was the concluding fight of the game.[4]

After the player defeats three waves of Covenant infantry, Merg Vol appears armed with plasma grenades and a plasma pistol, which he fires overcharged at the player. After the player lowers one of Vol's shields he retreats to one of four pads to recharge, distracting the player with holographic decoys on the other three pads. Once recharged, he will attack the player using active camouflage and dual wielding energy swords.[4]

When the player removes Vol's shields a second time, he will recharge yet again. This time he re-emerges with a Hardlight shield, which the player must find a way around. At this point, he is particularly vulnerable to plasma grenades. Once the player removes his shields one last time, Merg Vol will convulse and collapse, at which point the player will be prompted to execute him with Palmer's magnum sidearm.[4]


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  • Unlike most Sangheili names, Merg Vol does not have an apostrophe before the second part of his name.