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Didact's Hand (cinematic)

Hunting Trip
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"The Gate", Requiem


Eliminate Parg Vol and his forces.

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Covenant terrorist Parg Vol has been located again. There is no better opportunity to eliminate him.

Hunting Trip is the fifth chapter of Spartan Ops' third episode, Catherine.[1]


Fireteam Crimson arrive to Parg Vol's location codenamed "The Gate". He is a top a large Forerunner structure flanked by his subordinates. Spartan Jared Miller brings the operation online as well as hacking into the Covenant battle network. Through the Covenant's COM channels, Commander Palmer is able to affirm the Sangheili's presence in the area, ordering Crimson to eliminate Parg Vol and all of his forces. The Spartans meet stiff resistance from the camp, engaging a variety of Sangheili, Unggoy and Kig-Yar Storm units. Heavy weapon emplacements, Shade turrets and lookout towers also impede the Spartans progress. As Crimson makes their way up the structure, Spartan Robert Dalton informs Palmer of incoming hostile reinforcements, to which she gleefully acknowledges.

With almost all of the Covenant force eliminated around him, the Elite himself is eventually gunned down by one of the members of Fireteam Crimson. Miller responds by officially confirming the kill. Palmer congratulates Crimson for their work. Miller also picks up several inbound Covenant threats and announces it to Fireteam Crimson. Immediately after saying so, several drop pods and individual insertion pods touch down around the Forerunner structure. Covenant troops disembark and storm the area, but are quickly beaten by Crimson. As more enemy reinforcements arrive, several Phantom dropships provide heavy support. Forcing Crimson to be more cautious. Several Hunters also join the battle to take down the Spartans.

Miller then picks up a large Covenant force closing in on Crimsons location. Palmer notices, and requests Dalton to send in an ordnance drop consisting of heavy weapons. Palmer also orders an airstrike for Crimson in order to alleviate them of enemy combatants. Crimson continues to defend their location, destroying a couple of Phantom dropships in the process. As more Phantoms arrive, Dalton's airstrike leaves the UNSC Infinity. As the Spartans quickly take shelter within the Forerunner structure, a flight of F-41 Broadswords fly over and destroy all the Phantoms in the area with missiles. With the area clear, Dalton sends in a Pelican dropship for Crimsons extraction.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


The camera pans over the Gate. The Covenant have set up a deployable lookout tower and numerous stationary shield generators.

  • Miller: "Comms online. The Op is live, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, we've got a solid line on Parg Vol."

The camera cuts to Parg Vol standing at the top of the structure beside a Sangheili Zealot.


  • Palmer: "Job's simple: hit Parg Vol's camp hard, leave nothing standing."
  • Miller: "Lots of movement nearby, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Be ready, Crimson."

The player nears the top of the structure.

  • Miller: "Target identified, Commander. There's Parg Vol."

A beacon appears over Parg Vol.

  • Palmer: "Take him down, Crimson!"

The player kills Parg Vol.

  • Miller: "Parg Vol is down! Confirmed kill!"
  • Palmer: "Great work, Crimson."
  • Dalton: "Commander Palmer, tell Crimson to get ready. The locals are upset and headed their way."
  • Palmer: "Few things make me happier than upsetting the Covenant. Spartans! Ready up."
  • Miller: "Oh, wow. Dalton wasn't kidding. Drop pods inbound on Crimson's location."

The player engages the first wave.

  • Miller: "Don't relax yet. You've got more hostiles headed your way."

Covenant flood into the area.

  • Miller: "Snipers! Marking them as I see them, Crimson."
  • Miller: "Oh hell, it's the kitchen sink today. Here come Hunters!"
  • Dalton: "Phantoms near Crimson's location, Commander."
  • Palmer: "We see them, Dalton. How are we on air support?"
  • Dalton: "Spread thin at the moment, but I'm working on it."
  • Palmer: "Work faster, please."

The player kills the Hunters.

  • Palmer: "Nice work, Crimson."
  • Miller: "Commander-"
  • Palmer: "I see it, too. Crimson, heavy enemy movement, coming your way. Ready up."
  • Palmer: "Dalton, Crimson could use some new toys."
  • Dalton: "I can arrange that, Commander."

Rocket launchers and Sniper rifles drop.

  • Miller: "Get ready, more bad guys headed your way."
  • Miller: "Phantom!"
  • Palmer: "Dalton! Where's that air support you promised me?"
  • Dalton: "I didn't promise - I said I was working on it!"
  • Palmer: "Same thing, Dalton. Get Crimson some air support and get it to them now."

The player kills all of the Covenant in the area.

  • Miller: "Commander! Multiple Phantoms closing in on Crimson! Oh, this is bad!"

Four Phantoms arrive.

  • Palmer: "Dalton! Air support! Now!"
  • Dalton: "Inbound, Commander! Get Crimson to cover!"
  • Palmer: "You heard the man, Crimson! Get your asses into some shelter!"
  • Dalton: "Missiles inbound. If Crimson's not somewhere safe yet, they've got about three seconds."

Several F-41 Broadswords fly over and obliterate the Phantoms.

  • Miller: "Multiple confirmed hits on target. Phantoms are all down!"
  • Palmer: "Better late than never, Dalton. Thanks. Now send Crimson a Pelican."
  • Dalton: "Already on its way, Commander."

A Pelican arrives and lands in front of the structure.


The Pelican takes off and flies toward the horizon.

  • Palmer: "Crimson? Damn fine work today. Once you're back to the ship, first round's on me."


Level ends.


  • If the player doesn't heed Dalton's advice and take cover during the airstrike, they can in fact be killed by stray missiles.
  • Its possible to complete this mission without killing Parg Vol. Though he has to be protected and forced into cover when the airstrike happens.