Nothing Can Go Wrong

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Nothing Can Go Wrong
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"The Refuge", Requiem


Defend the science team.


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Infinity Science has begun to understand Requiem's portal system and request assistance in its testing.

Nothing Can Go Wrong is the second chapter of Spartan Ops' fifth episode, Memento Mori.[1]


Fireteam Crimson exits slipspace at "the Refuge" to assist Infinity Science. Shortly after they arrive, the UNSC contingent is attacked by Prometheans and Dr. Boyd flees to a safe room. Crimson desperately tries to protect the Science Team while they try to figure out a way to prevent the Prometheans from translocating into "the Refuge." After surviving multiple waves of attackers, Crimson is able to identify and destroy the device which allows slipspace portals to open, ending the Promethean threat. Spartan Jared Miller orders Crimson to stay on station while the area is locked down.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Fireteam Crimson emerges from slipspace in the jungles of "the Refuge."

  • Roland: "OK, Crimson! How's it going? Roland here. This whole Spartan Ops thing is pretty darn exciting! Although this mission here, probably not so much. Standing around, mostly, if I had to guess. Anyway, today you're helping some science types study science. Or something. They asked for you to come hang out while they poke at portals. So get to it."

The player reaches the waypoint. Almost immediately large numbers of Watchers and a Promethean Knight appear.

  • Dr. Boyd: "Ah! Hello! Good morning. Doctor Boyd here. I'll be up shortly. For now, speak with Doctor Ruiz-" (loud screaming)

Crimson engages the enemy:

  • Roland: "Whoa! Crimson! Be careful there!"

Crimson defeats the first wave.

  • Miller: "Crimson. I'm back online. Still can't get hold of Commander Palmer. She's got her comms turned off."
  • Dr. Boyd: "Umm... hello? Can anyone hear me?"
  • Miller: "Doctor Boyd! You're still alive!"
  • Dr. Boyd: "As soon as the attack started, I ran to the safe room!"
  • Miller: "Sit tight, Doctor. We'll be with you shortly. Crimson, clear the area ASAP."

As Miller and Boyd are talking another wave of Prometheans appears. Crimson defeats them and almost immediately another wave appears.

  • Dr. Emerson King "AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!"
  • Dr. Devon Quinn: "HELP!"
  • Miller: "Crimson! Give cover to Science Team!"

Beacons displaying the health of the three scientists appear above their heads.

Promethean Knights appear

  • Miller: "Knights! Crimson! Be careful!"
  • Dr. Boyd: "Doctor Ruiz identified the device that allows portals to open. He was about to shut it down, but the attack-"
  • Miller: "Can you tell us where the device is, Doctor?"
  • Dr. Boyd: "Wha? Yes. It's right over-right over... there. C-Can you see that?"
  • Miller: "You bet. Sit tight. We'll have this taken care of shortly."

A waypoint appears on the lower level in the center of the complex.

  • Miller: "There's the device, Crimson. If the Doctor's right, deactivating it should stop the Promethean assault."

Another wave of Prometheans appears.

  • Miller: "Watchers in your area."

The player activates the switch.

  • Miller: "Doctor Boyd, the device has been... wait. That doesn't look deactivated to me."
  • Dr. Boyd: "Well, Doctor Ruiz didn't say how he was going to deactivate it."

A large sphere appears in a beam of energy on the top level of the complex.

  • Miller: "Crimson, target the device. I'm pretty sure Commander Palmer would consider deactivating it and busting it to be the same thing."

Crimson destroys the device.

  • Miller: "Looks like Doctor Boyd was right. I'm not seeing any new blips since you destroyed the device. Clean up the area while I sort what's next."

Crimson kills all the Prometheans.

  • Miller: "Well done and all clear. Crimson, you'll remain on station for now. I'm sending some reinforcements, but I feel better about you staying there until we know for certain everything is locked down tight."

If the player saves all of the scientists:

  • Dr. Boyd: "You saved everyone?"
  • Miller: "Crimson did, yes. Happy to help."
  • Dr. Boyd: "Thank you so much! Fantastic work!"

If one or two of the scientists is killed:

  • Dr. Boyd: "You let them die..."
  • Miller: "Nobody LET anybody die."
  • Dr. Boyd: "I'm sorry. I didn't - I didn't mean - I'm glad your people saved what lives they could. Thank you."

If the player fails to save any of the scientists:

  • Dr. Boyd: "You let them die..."
  • Miller: "It's not like we didn't try."
  • Dr. Boyd: "I'll tell you what it's like. My colleagues are dead!"


Level ends.