Engine of Destruction

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The Guns of Infinity

Engine of Destruction
SO EP7 CH3 Engine of Destruction.png


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Onboard UNSC Infinity, over Requiem


Disarm the Havok warheads

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Havok nukes have been detected near Infinity engine rooms.

Engine of Destruction is the third chapter of Spartan Ops' seventh episode, Invasion.[1]


Crimson heads to the Engine Room, which is under attack by Covenant forces. Along the way, they are forced to make a detour to the Server Room, which has been invaded again. Inside the server room, they discover a Sangheili planting a stolen nuclear warhead. Crimson secures the Server Room and disarms the warhead. They then head to the Engine Room where they find another stolen nuke. Roland eventually determines that the Covenant managed to get the nukes onboard undetected by fitting them with active camo. Using this information, Roland is able locate the other five warheads. Crimson fights their way through the Engine Room and disarms all the warheads. However, Roland warns them that more Covenant troops are headed for the Engine Room.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


  • UNSC AI Roland: “We’ve got bad guys in the Engine Room. They’re yelling about 'holy technology' and 'death to the heathens'. I can only assume they’re talking about you guys.”
  • Spartan Jared Miller: “Get moving, Crimson. You’re the only team in that area I can count on.”

Crimson moves out of the hangar and into the corridor. They battle Covenant and Prometheans along the way.

  • Infinity PA: Attention: Spartan Fireteam Lancer, move to reinforce Fireteams Avalanche and Kodiak at Fore Armory Twelve-Seven.
  • Miller: “Uh oh. Covies have infiltrated the server room again. We just got that place sorted! I don’t want them opening the bay doors. Crimson, you have to be quick. I’m changing your waypoint. Get to the server room NOW!”

Crimson receives a new waypoint. They fight their way back to the server room.

  • Infinity PA: Warning: An unregistered fissile material has been detected on this deck. EOD teams have been alerted. Local crews are advised to move to minimum safe distance.
  • Miller: “Server room is right there!”

Crimson enters the server room. They discover a Sangheili Warrior setting up a nuclear warhead.

  • Miller: “Roland, is that what it looks like?”
  • Miller: “Crimson, secure the room. Roland, can you disarm that warhead?”
  • Roland: “There’s no remote detonator on the device for me to hack. Crimson’s gotta do things the old fashion way.”

Crimson secures the room.

  • Miller: “Room’s clear.”
  • Roland: “Crimson, I’m sending you instructions to disarm the warhead. Lucky for us they hadn’t primed it yet.”

Crimson deactivates the first warhead:



  • Miller: “Did it work? Are we okay?”
  • Roland: “Everything in the area wasn’t reduced to its component molecules, so I’m gonna say... yes.”
  • Miller: “Back on the road to the Engine Room then. Let’s go, Spartans!”

A new wave of Covenant troops enters the Server Room. Crimson engages them.

  • Roland: “Spartan Miller, I’ve got all the security feeds on this ship. It worries me I couldn’t see they had this nuke.”

Crimson receives a transmission from a distressed marine:

  • Sergeant Jaime Velasco: “Sergeant Velasco to all channels! Engine Room's overrun! We’re not going to be able to hold this place together too much longer!”
  • Miller: “Keep it together, Marine! Spartans are on their way!”
  • Velasco: “Well, they’d better hurry. The hingeheads are bringing- ARRRRGGGHHH!!!”

If the player has activated the RvB Easter egg:

  • Simmons: “Private Simmons to Command. There was a huge firefight down here and the engine is all shot up! I need Maintenance ASAP!”
  • Miller: “Keep it together, Marine! Spartans are on their way!”
  • Simmons: (sarcastically) "Oh great! More people with guns. I’m sure THAT will fix the engine."

Crimson exits the sever room and heads to the engine room.

  • Roland: “Spartan Miller, I’m sincerely concerned about my inability to spot these threats. I see everything on this ship at all times. Why can’t I see this?”

Crimson enters the engine room and engages the Covenant intruders.

  • Miller: “There’s a weird power reading nearby.”
  • Roland: “Another nuke! Wait... why didn’t I see it before?”
  • Miller: “Crimson, same drill! Disarm that explosive!”
  • Roland: “And make it quick, okay? There’s a timer on this one and it’s primed.”

Crimson finds and deactivates the second nuke:

  • Miller: “That did it! Excellent work, Crimson!”
  • Roland: “Spartan Miller, I know why I couldn’t see the bombs. They’ve been outfitted with active camouflage.”
  • Miller: “How can you tell?”
  • Roland: (annoyed) “Because Crimson killed an Elite holding a cloaking remote! Marking the next target now.”
  • Miller: “Crimson, move!”

The third nuke is disarmed:

  • Miller: “Nuke’s disarmed.”
  • Roland: “It’s possible there’s others.”
  • Miller: “Keep looking, Crimson.”

Crimson moves deeper into the Engine Room, fighting Covenant along the way.

  • Roland: “There’s another nuke!”
  • Miller: “Shut it down, Crimson!”
  • Infinity PA: Priority Alert: Covenant forces detected across transflight engineering bays. All available reaction teams are to respond immediately.

The fourth nuke is disarmed:

  • Miller: “Good work, Crimson! Keep going!”
  • Roland: “Another cloak located. Marking it.”

Fifth nuke is disarmed:

  • Miller: “Nuke’s disarmed!”
  • Roland: “Spartan Miller, there’s another nuke!”
  • Miller: “Get it, Crimson!”

Crimson heads to the Engineering Control Room and clears out the Covenant inside.

Sixth nuke is disarmed:

  • Roland: “That’s it! Nuke disarmed!”
  • Miller: “Excellent work!”

More Covenant enter the Engine Room.

  • Roland: “Another cloak located. Marking it.”

Seventh and final nuke is disarmed:

  • Miller: “That’s it!”
  • Roland: “Confirmed. All warheads disarmed.”

Crimson finishes off the last Covenant in the Engine Room.

  • Miller: “Roland, Engine Room secured. Who else could use Crimson’s help?”
  • Roland: “Actually... the Engine Room could. It’s secure but there’s reinforcements en route.”
  • Miller: “Hear that, Spartans? Fortify your positions as quickly as possible. More bad guys are headed your way.”


Level ends.


  • When Sergeant Velasco radios Miller, the player's HUD refers to him as "Sargent [sic] Jaime Valesco". However, the subtitles spell his last name "V-E-L-A-S-C-O". The latter spelling is most likely the correct version, given that he pronounces his own name as "velasco".
  • If the player looks closely at the displays for the nukes, it will read "HAVOK Missle Controls Disarmed". The spelling error is presumably an oversight.


  • There are a total of seven nuclear warheads that must be disarmed.
  • The seventh Red vs. Blue Easter egg can be activated on this level.