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The Search for Halsey


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Clean Up
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Control," Requiem


  • Investigate Halsey's transmission
  • Hold out against enemy attacks.

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Fireteam Crimson dispatched to back up Boa Squad in holding UNSC base at Covenant "Control."

Clean Up is the second chapter of Spartan Ops' ninth episode, Key.[1]


By the time that Crimson reaches their next objective, the marines of Boa Squad have already been wiped out by a Covenant assault. Crimson clears out the Covenant, while Roland attempts to trace Halsey's transmissions. Roland eventually locates the terminal that Halsey's transmissions repeatedly bounced off of. While Roland investigates further, Crimson comes under attack by massive Promethean forces. They hold off the machines long enough for Roland to complete his work. Miller orders Crimson to a safe location, then orders an airstrike which wipes out the Prometheans. Roland informs Crimson that Halsey's transmission was sent to the location known as "Lockup."


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Fade in to the exterior of a Forerunner structure. Two Marines from Boa Squad are pinned down and under heavy fire from the Covenant.

  • Jared Miller: “Roland, Crimson’s at the coordinates you provided. Where do we start?”
  • Roland: “Find me a comm terminal and I can tell you.”
  • Miller: “Hear that, Crimson? Don’t let anything stand in your way.”

A Hunter strides forward, knocks an Unggoy out of the way, and charges up its weapon.


  • Miller: “Crimson, clear the area of Covies. Roland, help me get eyes on the comm terminal we’re after.”

Fireteam Crimson enters the battle. The two Marines from the intro have already been killed.

Once most of the initial Covenant are cleared out:

  • Miller: “Roland, how’s the search going?”
  • Roland: “There’s a few uplinks in the area. I dunno. Try that one.”

After all the Covenant are neutralized:

  • Miller: “Crimson, if you could power on that comm terminal, I could get some work done.”

Crimson activates the designated terminal:

  • Roland: “Okay, Halsey’s comm traffic was definitely routed through this area.”
  • Miller: “Can you tell where it bounced from here?”
  • Roland: “Yup. Right over there. She bounced her signal around this area a few times. If you would do the honors and open a channel, Crimson?”

Crimson activates the second terminal:

  • Miller: “Well?”
  • Roland: “Halsey’s a tricky old lady. I’ll give her that. She bounced her call through a dozen comm terminals in the area, but the one she keeps coming back to is there. If I can get direct access, maybe I can untie the knot.”
  • Miller: “Go to it, Crimson.”

Crimson reaches the third terminal:

  • Roland: “Okay, Crimson, one more time. Very difficult, so pay close attention. It requires pressing a button.”
  • Miller: (annoyed) “Roland...”

Crimson activates the third terminal. At the same time, Covenant Phantoms and drop pods deploy enemy reinforcements. Crimson engages the attackers.

Once the Covenant troops are defeated, Prometheans begin phasing onto the field.

  • Miller: “Roland, what’s taking so long?”
  • Roland: “Three layers of 64-zetabyte encryption. Maybe you’d like to grab a pen and pencil to help with the math instead of asking me why I’m taking so long.”
  • Miller: “Just try to hurry.”

More and more Prometheans phase onto the battlefield.

  • Miller: “I think we’ve got their attention. Promethean activity increasing. Hang in there, Crimson!”

Crimson continues to hold out against the Promethean onslaught.

When only a few Prometheans are left:

  • Miller: “I’m still seeing targets down there.”

Once the last Promethean is down:

  • Roland: “Done!”
  • Miller: “Look out! Knights!”

A new wave of Promethean Knights rapidly teleports in.

  • Miller: “Crimson, we’ve got more Prometheans! They’re popping up faster than you’re putting them down! Dalton! Crimson needs the ground clear and a ride home.”
  • Roland: “Crimson, if you move to this location, you should stay reasonably safe, as long as Dalton’s people don’t drop bombs on you.”

Crimson heads to the designated area Roland has indicated. Behind them, a massive aerial bombardment commences, wiping out the Prometheans.

  • Miller: “What did you find, Roland?”
  • Roland: “Halsey’s comm signal bounced from here to the vacation destination known as "Lockup.”

Fade to black.


Level ends.


  • Despite it being stated that Halsey's transmission was sent to "Lockup" at the end of the episode, Fireteam Crimson is sent to "Apex" where its again detected that the transmission went to "Lockup." Only after "Apex" is Crimson sent to "Lockup."