Victory Lap

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The Guns of Infinity


Expendable (cinematic)

Victory Lap
SO EP7 CH5 Victory Lap.png


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Onboard UNSC Infinity, over Requiem


Eliminate the remaining Covenant intruders.

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Covenant threat has been neutralized, but scattered hostiles remain onboard Infinity. Fireteam Crimson are volunteered for cleanup duty.

Victory Lap is the fifth chapter of Spartan Ops' seventh episode, Invasion.[1]


With the Engine Room secured and the ship's weapons back online, the tide has turned in the crew's favor. After defeating some Prometheans, Fireteam Crimson leaves Aft Weapons Control and heads off to take care of any remaining enemies. Roland informs them that the enemy has invaded the Server Room yet again. Crimson returns to the Server Room and clears out the Prometheans inside. They're then ordered to go back to the hangar bay and confirm lockdown. Crimson heads back to the hangar, killing any Covenant and Promethean in their path. They retake the hangar bay, but soon find themselves facing a large group of Hunters. The Spartans manage to kill the Hunters and secure the hangar for good. Miller congratulates Crimson and informs them that their corner of Infinity is now secure.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


  • Miller: “Okay, we’ve got the ship on lockdown, the guns firing, and the Engine Room secure. Time to clean up the stragglers, Crimson.”

Promethean Crawlers and Watchers teleport into Aft Weapons Control.

  • Miller: “Crawlers! Inbound!”
  • Miller: “Clear the area of bad guys and move on.”
  • Infinity PA: Alert: Hull breach on multiple decks. Five percent incursion rate. Secured decks, please indicate status to Infinity Ops immediately.

Promethean Knights teleport in.

  • Miller: “Knights! Watch out!”

Crimson defeats the Prometheans.

  • Miller: “Let’s get out in the halls and clear them as well.”

Crimson approaches the exit door:

  • Miller: "Spartans, there's heavy enemy movement nearby. Get ready."


  • Miller: "Lots of activity nearby. Be ready for anything, Crimson."

Crimson moves out into the hallways and engages Covenant forces, including a sword-wielding Sangheili Zealot equipped with active camouflage.

  • Infinity PA: Spartan Fireteam Lancer, please report to Transflight Deck 19 dash 7 for reinforcement of Fireteam Crimson.
  • Roland: “Spartan Miller, there’s another - admittedly pitiful - attempt to get back into the Server Room.”
  • Miller: “Crimson, let’s go show our friends why that’s a bad idea."

Crimson reaches the door to the Server Room.

  • Miller: "Give ‘em hell, Crimson!”

Crimson enters the Server Room, which is occupied by Prometheans.

  • Miller: “Crawlers inbound!”

Knights attack.

  • Miller: “Knights! Watch out!”

Knight Battlewagons appear.

  • Miller: “Oh man! Knights!”

Once all the Prometheans in the Server Room are defeated:

  • Miller: “Back out in the halls, Crimson! Head towards the hangar.”

Crimson exits the Server Room and enters the halls.

  • Miller: “Crimson, open those doors to get access to the hangar hallway.”

Crimson enters the hangar hallway and engage the Promethean and Covenant forces present.

Hunters enter the fray:

  • Miller: “Hunters!”

Once the hallway is secure:

  • Miller: “See? Nothing to worry about. Get back to the hangar bay, and confirm lockdown.”

Crimson proceeds through another door and battles more Covenant and Prometheans on the other side.

  • Infinity PA: Attention, all crew: After action procedures should not be initiated until Condition Yellow status is confirmed.

Crimson arrives at the hangar bay. A Promethean Knight Commander is amongst the enemy forces present.

  • Miller: "Reinforcements!"

Crimson kills most enemies:

  • Miller: "Mop up the last of them."

Once the hangar is clear:

  • Miller: “All quiet. Crimson wins the day.”
  • Roland: (starts to speak) “Spartan-”
  • Miller: (not hearing Roland) “Excellent work as ever, Spartans.”
  • Roland: (shouts)Spartan Miller!!!
  • Miller: “What is it, Rol-? Hunters!!”
  • Roland: “Lots of ‘em!!”

Two loading platforms rise up from below deck, revealing an assortment of enemies, including no fewer than six Hunters.

  • Miller: “Crimson, I know this looks nuts but you can do this!”
  • Roland: “They can??”

Crimson engages the Hunters. Despite the overwhelming odds, the Spartans defeat the enemy forces:

  • Miller: “That was something else, Crimson!”
  • Roland: “Even for Spartans, the enthusiasm for shooting things was... impressive.”
  • Miller: “That’s that, Crimson. You've got that corner of Infinity secured. Great work. We’re gonna win this thing yet.”


Level ends


  • Victory Lap marks the first time Covenant forces are seen using Promethean Weaponry. This may imply that the Covenant onboard the ship are running out of weapons and ammo. Alternatively, it may indicate a particular sub-set of soldiers under Jul 'Mdama's command who are given the honor of utilizing "holy" Promethean weaponry, a theory supported by the apperance of similarly-armed Covenant soldiers in later Episodes..